LifeCodeRX Announces New Supplement has many benefits

Jan 27, 2020 is very excited about the benefits of new stem cell supplements – you can learn more online at

  • lifecoderx announces new supplement has many benefits
  • lifecoderx announces new supplement has many benefits announced the company is now offering the revolutionary stem cells supplement – Stem Cell 100+® – via their online store at for users globally. Recognized as the only supplement of its kind proven to double maximum lifespan of an animal model, Stem Cell 100+® is a patent-pending dietary supplement by Life Code® made with all natural ingredients.

Stem cell treatment is gaining popularity day-by-day as the next leap in the quest for curing degenerative deceases. A stem cell is a special type of cell with the distinctive ability to develop into desired cell types in the body; i.e. a heart muscle cell, a red blood cell, a brain cell or keep itself as a stem cell without changing. Therefore, stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine which promotes the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells or their results. While the proper application of stem cells are still at clinical levels or either incur significant costs to perform, leading laboratories have been constantly working towards producing the results of stem cell therapy to the mass. After years of multiple studies of genes on both animals and humans, the team at Life Code® has successfully been able to develop the first ever supplement that triggers stem cell activity, coupled with many other benefits such as Telomere support, modulating IGF and energy metabolism, and inhibiting the mTOR gene.

Essentially, Stem Cell 100+® (the significantly enhanced version of previous Stem Cell 100) sold via is a natural supplement that that works as an activator of stem cells in anyone’s body. Stem cell activation can naturally happen only in very dire conditions the body endures, therefore to trigger the same effect is a clinical success. Furthermore, Stem Cell 100+® not only acts as a stem cell activator but a multi-pathway regenerative supplement to address the root causes of aging, stress, fatigue and inflammation.

If you are interested in finding out how stem cell activation can benefit in your healing journey, the Stem Cell 100+® being sold at is the definite answer. Visit to find out more details about Stem Cell 100+® and place an order online.

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