Licensed National Charity League Customized Merchandise & Apparel Now Available!

Oct 31, 2023

If you’re the head of a local National Charity League chapter, Ultimate Swag Screen Print & Embroidery is licensed to produce exclusive branded NCL merchandise and apparel for you and your members.

You know how much good work your NCL chapter does, and you're proud to be part of it. 

Why not spread the word with customized NCL merchandise, like clothing and branded accessories?

Ultimate Swag Screen Printing & Embroidery prints and sells branded merchandise for NCL and helps raise awareness about your important volunteer work with mothers and daughters.

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The company offers you and your NCL members a wide selection of custom-branded items, including T-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps in multiple sizes and colors. Customizable apparel and accessories can be printed or embroidered with your chapter's name and logo according to your specifications, with 20% of all proceeds donated back to the chapter.

According to national trademark laws, any company seeking to benefit commercially from an organization's branding must apply for and be awarded licensing approval. Federal courts have routinely upheld trademark protections, citing brand integrity and impact on the trademark holder's reputation.

The Affinity Licensing Group, a values-based trademark licensing firm, represents the National Charity League's name, logos, and other identifiable marks. If any group or individual wishes to manufacture and sell products emblazoned with the NCL's branding assets, they must first obtain licensing rights from Affinity so you can be sure that your apparel and branded items are in alignment with NCL's ethical values as a non-profit organization.

Your NCL chapter already encourages community service and volunteer opportunities for mothers and their daughters. With branded apparel and merchandise, you'll have a chance to help educate the public regarding leadership and philanthropy opportunities.

With its successful licensing bid, Ultimate Swag offers you custom screen-printed, luxury embroidered apparel so you can raise awareness in comfort and style! The company continues its trajectory as a leading provider of team, church, school, and organizational gear by offering customized garments and accessories for your NCL chapter and others nationwide.

As an NCL licensee, Ultimate Swag must report all sales and pay quarterly royalties. The company is also required to maintain a $1 million comprehensive general and product liability insurance policy, helping ensure integrity and transparency throughout the process.

Learn more about Ultimate Swag's NCL product catalog at

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