Lewisville health insurance bill may shift billions away from Medicare

Sep 1, 2022

Rick Thornton, a Lewisville health insurance agent, says the latest negotiation is an attempt from blue-state lawmakers who haven’t given up hope on making sweeping but positive changes to the healthcare industry.

Lewisville health insurance bill may shift billions away from Medicare

Lewisville health insurance and the people who have it can expect to see significant changes to how Medicare looks and operates moving forward should a new plan be pushed through by eager blue-state lawmakers. According to Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, on a recent podcast with AnneMarie Schieber, congressional blue-state lawmakers are pushing a plan that shifts $288 billion away from Medicare drug spending and into Affordable Care Act plans and Green New Deal ventures.

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If approved, the plan authorizes the government, through Medicare Part D and B spending, to invoke a 95% tax on total sales for drug makers who don’t lower their drug prices to meet federal regulator requirements. This could impact individuals and families with health insurance in Lewisville because many believe the tax will lead to supply shortages of much-needed pharmaceuticals. Kerpen doubled down in the podcast, saying that the blue-state lawmakers are selling this as “drug negotiation” when in reality it is a classic mob-style “offer you can’t refuse,” he said. Kerpen added in the podcast that what this could lead to is a slew of pharmaceutical companies who will not develop drugs if they think the government will dictate the price.

Rick Thornton, a Lewisville health insurance agent said time will tell on if these thoughts are true. The drug price control measure is being salvaged from the Build Back Better bill from several months ago. Obviously, that measure failed, but blue-state lawmakers haven’t given up hope that this could be their ticket to effecting major change in the healthcare industry. And with the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, it looks like they will get their way in the end. This is particularly imperative to them given the upcoming midterm election.

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