Leverage Accrued Equity To Buy Cars Without Finance With I Own My Bank

Feb 23, 2023

If you’re fed up with the typical old ways of buying a car, then you’ll love this new approach from I Own My Bank. Say goodbye to draining money away on car purchases and start owning your bank today!

Leverage Accrued Equity To Buy Cars Without Finance With I Own My Bank

The I Own My Bank Method is a revolutionary technique that allows you to recapture money from all the cars you buy, drive and own. You can use specially designed whole life insurance policies to operate as your own bank.

The process is based on the idea of infinite banking, which was covered by R. Nelson Nash in his book, 'Becoming Your Own Banker.' IOMB takes this further and offers insight into how you can creatively leverage accrued equity.

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Simply put, IOMB showcases a method that can change the way you purchase cars. This system allows you to take money from all the cars you buy and put that money to work for you.

Rather than the traditional methods of car buying such as financing, leasing, and paying cash, this technique gives you the opportunity to seize money and reinvest it. Financing and leasing involve interest payments to a bank while purchasing a car with cash means giving up potential interest income.

The IOMB Method gives you the chance to get back a portion or all of the money spent. It works by using specially designed whole life insurance policies as a form of banking. The cash value of this policy will accumulate interest and dividends, which can be accessed when you take out a loan.

By repaying the loan to yourself, the money then grows with continuous compound interest, even when a loan is taken out. All payments made to the loan become your money to be used again.

R. Nelson Nash studied American spending trends and found that 20 cents of every dollar were spent on vehicles. The approach teaches three main principles - pay yourself first, pay yourself back with interest, and recycle and recapture your money.

These steps empower you to take control of your finances, build wealth and purchase cars while gaining greater financial freedom and security.

A spokesperson states: "The great thing about infinite banking is that it can be used by anyone, not just the wealthy. By becoming your own bank, you can take control of your finances and start building wealth. Instead of paying interest to a bank, you can earn interest on your own money. It's a powerful tool that can help you achieve financial freedom and security."

Are you ready to adopt this approach and change your life forever? You're one click away!

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