Leitchfield Discount Real Estate Broker: Sell Your Home With 1% Listing Fees

Jun 1, 2023

Discover the best way to maximize your home sales profits with 1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland in Leitchfield, KY (502-396-7137), an innovative customer-centered real estate agency that doesn’t believe in 6-8% commissions.

Are you a Leitchfield homeowner looking to sell your property? Did you know you have options when it comes to the agent commissions you'll need to pay?

If you've decided to sell your home it's important to clarify the real estate commissions your agent will ask for because in some cases, this number can hit 8% of your home's sale price - a pret-ty significant chunk of change. With 1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland, you can say goodbye to exorbitant fees and hello to substantial savings.

1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland charges a nominal 1 percent listing fee, providing you with a rewarding and more profitable home-selling experience.

Ready to unlock the door to savings with 1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland?

1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland is a full-service discount real estate agency that chooses to operate on a discount model. They do this by reducing their overhead and replacing outdated and time-consuming sales and marketing practices with more efficient marketing technologies that give your home maximum exposure.

“We firmly believe the days of exorbitant commissions are gone. We have better ways of doing things now that don’t warrant a six to eight percent draw on a home seller’s profits,” says an agency spokesperson. “Our model allows home sellers to list their properties at a more competitive price, offer selling agents an extra bonus, or they can simply enjoy the money they saved.”

When you work with 1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland, your overall realtor commissions are reduced by 3-5%. On a $1 million home where traditional total commissions would amount to 8 percent, you'd be giving the selling agent and the buyer's agent a total of $80,000.

1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland saves you tens of thousands of dollars in fees by charging you just 1%, and the buyer's agent between 1.5 - 3%, offering you significant overall savings.

And, contrary to common misconceptions, a discount real estate model does not mean a discount on services. 1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland handles every aspect of the sales and marketing of your home, including all paperwork, open houses and showings, negotiations, appraisals, MLS lockboxes on doors, and more.

Their marketing tactics leverage a variety of channels, including MLS listings, exposure on top real estate websites like Zillow and broker sites like Keller Williams, and, as experts in social media marketing, they provide robust and professionally crafted digital campaigns.

Real estate agents on both the buyer and seller sides agree the 1 percent model is a smart and effective approach. By offering the buyer’s agent a solid commission, you're ensured that agent is motivated to actively promote your property. This helps sell your home faster, and at the best possible price. Learn more at https://goo.gl/maps/Jzxu4nrcr5JEekeF9

A recent 1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland client says, “1 Percent Listings agents were extremely helpful and worked closely with us to get us a fantastic deal.”

Are you done with overpriced commissions? Learn more about 1 Percent Lists Purple Door Heartland here

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