Learn To Defeat Negative Habits & Eliminate Limiting Thought Patterns Online

Jul 23, 2021

The Mind Sharpeners International draws on the experience, wisdom, and Christian values of Glenn Brizendine, the group’s founder and mentor, as well as multiple times over self-made millionaire, for these online courses.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you looking for a way to sharpen your mind and meet other bright entrepreneurs? These online courses may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Glenn Brizendine, the founder of The Mind Sharpeners International, has launched new online courses that teach you how to succeed according to your own definitions of success. The available courses include online business lessons, group business coaching, and personal coaching.

Visit https://www.glennbrizendine.com/10questions-optin-pg-for-success-brain to learn more about the available lessons!

The recently launched courses cover a wide range of topics including developing an effective mindset for success, defeating negative habits, and eliminating self-limiting thought patterns. The course will teach you how to install new habits that support your goals, and how to effectively make goals that can be turned into reality.

The Mind Sharpeners International is an organization of past and present students of Glenn Brizendine, who work together to ensure the success of other members. Through the use of past knowledge and experience, combined with wisdom and Christian values, the group has created a large number of successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Glenn Brizendine got his start in the construction industry at a young age, working with his father. From there he spent 30 years developing his own construction and development business into a $25 million dollar per year enterprise. This gave Glenn the experience of a true American entrepreneur, building his business from the ground up.

At the age of 57, during the market crash of 2007, Glenn lost everything he had built and earned, including his own home and fortune. It was at this time that Glenn packed up his family and moved to Florida, to begin his next journey as an online entrepreneur, selling private label products on Amazon.

Once Glenn went from rags to riches for the third time in his life, he realized that his true gift was in the knowledge, experience, and wisdom required to become a self-made millionaire, multiple times over. It was at this point that Glenn began teaching the skills and lessons he had learned throughout his long career, and that teaching eventually led to the creation of The Mind Sharpeners International. Learn more at https://anchor.fm/glenn-brizendine7/episodes/My-Story–Short-Version-e8ms8a/a-a1pvs0

If you’re interested in becoming a new member you can access a complimentary pamphlet and 35-page e-book, titled “The Art Of Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities.” The pamphlet is designed to help you determine if these courses are right for you and to help identify beliefs that may be limiting you.

Visit https://www.glennbrizendine.com/10questions-optin-pg-for-success-brain if you want to access the complimentary e-book!

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