Learn To Be Crazy Happy With New US Book On Beauty And Christian Spirituality

Mar 19, 2021

If you’re on the pursuit of happiness let author and Pastor Daniel Fusco show you the way with his new book Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways to Live the Truly Beautiful Life. Now available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

If you are feeling empty or dissatisfied with your life Daniel Fusco wants to impart the wisdom he has accrued as a Lead Pastor about how to live a truly beautiful life. This powerful advice is now available in his touching new book Crazy Happy. 

Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways to Live the Truly Beautiful Life, an inspirational new book written by Daniel Fusco, has been released to help you discover how to live a fulfilling and joyful life through a Christian worldview.  

Go to http://crazyhappy.danielfusco.com to find out more.

The release follows one of the most troubling and difficult years in recent American history, a time in which many of us have lost loved ones or had our lives uprooted and challenged. 

In the face of these difficulties Daniel Fusco believes it has never been more essential to find the affirmation that comes through faith. 

His book, Crazy Happy, has been written to help you find true happiness and find solutions to the problems that plague all of us, from anxiety to selfishness to dissatisfaction with life. 

Drawing on two of the Bible’s most familiar and beloved passages, those which open The Beatitudes and the Fruit of the Spirit, Daniel unpacks and transforms the wisdom of this originary text making it resonate for 21st Century readers. 

The book has now been released in both paperback and e-book form, and more information on its sale via Amazon is available at https://www.amazon.com/Crazy-Happy-Surprising-Truly-Beautiful/dp/0593192664 

The goal of Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways to Live the Truly Beautiful Life is to teach you that even in this sometimes-crazy world, you have the tools within yourself to find the kind of God-given beauty that can change your life for the better, and for good. 

Author Daniel Fusco currently serves as the Lead Pastor at Crossroads Community Church. He understands that while true happiness eludes many of us, by making a new spiritual connection you can open your heart to greater possibilities of love and happiness. 

Levi and Jennie Lusko the Lead Pastors of Fresh Life Church said of the book, “Not every day feels crazy happy or truly beautiful, but in this book, Daniel brings an incredible perspective shift that will open your eyes and realign your steps to see and walk in the truth that your life, the way God sees it, is truly beautiful.”

In Crazy Happy Daniel has made a book which is both spiritually rich and practically accessible, a book for both those people who are deeply immersed in the Christian faith and its teachings, as well as those who are discovering or rediscovering the Church.

If you are ready to find that deep happiness we all desire you can find more information about the book and it’s release across all major US book retailers at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1Om_-kdTjg

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