Learn How To Live A Beautiful Life With This Accessible Book On Fulfillment

Dec 20, 2020

This renowned pastor can help you change your life for the healthier and happier, even in the midst of this sometimes-crazy world — pre-order “Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways to Live the Truly Beautiful Life” today!

Are you dissatisfied with your life? This spiritual book will teach you the truth about happiness and fulfillment. 

Daniel Fusco, the lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church and the host of Real with Daniel Fusco and Jesus is Real Radio, has released a new Christian book on happiness. The publication, titled “Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways to Live the Truly Beautiful Life” combines the teachings of Jesus and the Apostle Paul to deliver nine lessons on living a more joyful and satisfactory life.

Go to http://crazyhappy.danielfusco.com for more details.

The newest release aims to offer you a range of spiritually rich and accessible solutions to anxiety, depression, or fallouts from selfishness.

Since being ordained in 2002, Daniel Fusco has dedicated his life to planting Christian churches across the U.S. and spreading the pedagogy of Jesus Christ. In addition to authoring three books, he has taught applicable scripture lessons at churches, retreats, youth rallies, leadership seminars, seminaries, college campuses, and pastor’s conferences both in the States and abroad.

“Crazy Happy: Nine Surprising Ways to Live the Truly Beautiful Life” includes nine countercultural ways to change your life for good. The book instructs you on how to make fresh spiritual connections that can transform your life for the healthier and happier.

Incorporating humor and personal wisdom, Fusco unpacks the connections in two of the Bible’s most familiar passages about happiness. “Crazy Happy” offers you a pious method to change the way you see yourself and God, as well as your family, neighbors, and adversaries.

If you choose to pre-order the guide, you can opt-in to receive exclusive bonuses, including a signed bookplate and group Zoom video call with Fusco, at three different tier levels.

You can find the new book on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback at https://www.amazon.com/Crazy-Happy-Surprising-Truly-Beautiful/dp/0593192664

Levi Lusko, the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church, said: “Not every day feels crazy happy or truly beautiful, but in this book, Daniel brings an incredible perspective shift that will open your eyes and realign your steps to see and walk in the truth that your life, the way God sees it, is truly beautiful.”

Find the key to true happiness today -- pre-order “Crazy Happy” to unlock the secrets of fulfillment!

Want to learn more about Fusco's newest book? Click the link above or go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1Om_-kdTjg

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