Learn Real Estate Tips & Strategies From South Florida Expert Dave Dinkel In This New YouTube Video Series

Mar 6, 2017

Find the right real estate properties to sell and get expert guidance from Dave Dinkel with this newly launched real estate tips video series hosted on YouTube, for people beginning their real estate journey.

Dave Dinkel, the real estate expert, has launched a new instructional video series helping people to kickstart their real estate investing career. Available on YouTube, it presents a series of tips with regularly updated videos, so people can subscribe to the channel to get updates when there are new ones.

Full details are available at: http://davedinkel.com/real-estate-investing-tips.

Dave has been offering a real estate mentoring program for years, something which started in Broward and Dade's County, Florida, before expanding out to encompass the entire United States. He has helped countless people establish themselves in the field, finding properties to develop and sell.

Across his website, prospective real estate investors can educate themselves on a range of training topics, ranging from foreclosure to For Sale By Owner Sales, wholesaling, rehabbing, lease options and many more.

Dave's new video series was created to help as many people as possible. The top video on the tips page explains the message behind the new project, which is that each video will be a two minute tip. People will be able to tune in and get a specific tip to help them with their business.

Videos will be based around questions asked by the public, so that each tip will be a hot topic that cuts to the core of what people want to know, so they can learn the most pressing details and tips to help them on their way.

A wide range of tips videos are available by clicking through to Dave's YouTube channel, where the videos are listed. These include assignability of contracts, five different ways to do real estate wholesaling, the greatest fears people face when they first get into real estate investing, and the difference between hard money and transactional funding.

Other videos include tips on the benefits of persistence, with further videos using Q&As and interviews to get across pertinent information.

Full details of the tips series and the benefits it can offer to real estate investors can be found by visiting the URL above.

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