Learn Muay Thai Martial Arts Self-Defense in Dayton And Get Fit & Healthy

Apr 26, 2021

Call Dayton Muay Thai, at (937)-254-7035, to schedule an introductory Muay Thai class for yourself or your child!

Do you want to improve your fitness and learn self-defense for personal safety? Does your child need an organized activity to gain self-confidence, coordination, and discipline? Contact Dayton Muay Thai today and schedule an introductory class.

Dayton Muay Thai, a martial arts studio that is part of the TAMA Family Martial Arts Center, has launched introductory lessons for those who want to explore this form of self-defense in a family-oriented atmosphere. Dayton Muay Thai also offers classes for those experienced in this style and organized classes for children.

For more information visit https://www.daytonmuaythai.com

The introductory Muay Thai classes will give you a chance to try this style out while experiencing individualized attention. These introductory sessions also give you the opportunity to experience the center and meet the highly qualified instructors.

Muay Thai is growing rapidly in popularity as a fitness sport, weight loss strategy and means of achieving whole body wellness. The new year comes with new beginnings. This may be the perfect time for you to try Muay Thai, and kick start a fitness journey while learning efficient self-defense skills.

Other benefits are the building of self-esteem, development of self-respect and discipline, and improving muscle tone and cardio endurance. You will also see your energy increase and have more ability to focus while completing everyday tasks at work and at home.

Dayton Muay Thai offers lessons for people of all ages, from children through adults. That includes you! The center is one of the largest in the Midwest, is spacious and clean, and hosts the National Muay Thai Competition. Dayton Muay Thai teaches both modern and traditional Muay Thai. Master Taningco first brought Muay Thai to the Dayton area in 1976.

Muay Thai Kickboxing is offered for your children as part of an organized program where they earn achievement belts. These classes help children with coordination, confidence, and self-defense. The experienced instructors fight in Muay Thai competitions themselves and also started out as beginners.

Classes are offered Monday through Friday in the evenings for three different skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Classes are also offered on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Adult beginners have no reason to feel intimidated because Dayton Muay Thai provides an atmosphere of caring guidance.

One participant says, “With the guidance of the instructors I had a wonderful Muay Thai experience. The classes are all-encompassing teaching technique, conditioning, and discipline. This school is worth it in every way and I recommend it for anyone trying to begin their martial arts journey.”

Start your fitness journey today! Go to https://daytonmuaythai.com to learn more!

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