Learn How To Water A North Texas Lawn Properly During Summer Through This Guide

Jul 21, 2022

How often do you water your lawn during summer? If you’re from North Texas, this guide will give you a bunch of pointers so you can ensure you’re caring for your lawn right.

Learn How To Water A North Texas Lawn Properly During Summer Through This Guide

Do you know how to properly water your lawn during summer? This will address many of the things you’re probably unsure about!

Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, a company based in Argyle, Texas has come up with a guide entitled, “Summer Watering Schedule for North Texas Lawns”.

Learn more at https://www.evergreenlls.com/summer-watering-schedule-north-texas

The online guide serves as a reminder that establishing a proper watering routine is crucial to keeping your lawn healthy.

One of the chores that homeowners need to do more religiously during the hot summer months is watering their plants and lawn. With Texas’ average high temperatures ranging from 86°F to 98°F, some homeowners simply resort to watering their lawns as often as possible to keep them hydrated.

The company’s guide, however, points out that over-watering can also be harmful to a lawn. It explains how it is crucial to ensure that your watering routine is tailored to your yard’s actual needs. The same rule applies to fertilization as well.

The guide also provides information on the best time of the day to water a lawn. As ambient temperature fluctuates throughout the day, it suggests a time when optimal soil moisture can be achieved to facilitate complete absorption.

The lawn specialists also raise other helpful points, such as making sure that watering is even throughout the lawn, and that rain is accounted for during watering. 

Serving the North Texas market for more than three decades, Evergreen Lawn & Landscape is a family-owned business specializing in landscaping, lawn maintenance, fertilization and weed control, sod installation, mulch application, seasonal planting, general clean-ups, as well as tree and shrub trimming.

Stressing the importance of proper watering during summer, the lawn and landscape professionals stated, “Under-watered lawns lose nutrients, causing the grass to wilt, and the verdant green charm of your lawn diminishes. Improper watering can lead to a yellowed, unhealthy bed of grass. At the same time, over-watering can be wasteful and equally damaging.”

Through their free guide, Evergreen Lawn & Landscape gives the people of North Texas definite pointers that they can follow so they can adequately care for their lawns.

Visit https://www.evergreenlls.com/summer-watering-schedule-north-texas so you can read the guide in full!

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