Learn How To Take Calculated Risks To Avoid Regrets With This Inspiring Memoir

Aug 31, 2022

If you feel like your life is going nowhere, maybe reading Dr. Cornelia E. Davis’ latest memoir about risk versus regret will motivate and inspire you to get out of your rut.

Learn How To Take Calculated Risks To Avoid Regrets With This Inspiring Memoir

Have you resigned yourself to a life without excitement? According to Dr. Davis, better known as Connie, it’s not too late.

In her latest memoir, “Risking Is Better Than Regretting: Live Without Regrets,” Connie shares stories and exploits from her 35 years working in 20 countries in Africa and Asia and inspires readers like you to take calculated risks.

Visit https://www.amazon.com/Cornelia-E-Davis/e/B00TM9J114 for more information about this memoir.

You can read inspiring accounts of the challenges Connie faced early in her career as a black female doctor in the 1970s - and how she moved on to live an adventurous, rewarding life while always being willing to take calculated risks.

In this memoir, Connie describes her life in the field where she spent 30 years battling disease outbreaks in Africa and Asia for WHO and USAID. She shares how her willingness to take intelligent risks gave her a full, purposeful life.

She wrote this book to motivate you to get out of your rut by reflecting on your life, creating a list of what you want to change in order to live a life with purpose, and focusing on everything and everyone that increases your sense of worth. She suggests you should focus on making choices, taking chances, and changing your life for the better.

Like her previous two memoirs, this book was written in her retirement home on the shores of Lake Chapala in Mexico. Her first memoir “Searching for Sitala Mata: Eradicating Smallpox in India” won the Gold Medal in the 2017 Global Ebook Awards, non-fiction and inspirational. Her second book “Three Years in Ethiopia” was a semi-finalist in 2019 for the B.R.A.G. Medallion Award.

In April 2022, Dr. Cornelia E. Davis was awarded the 2022 Alumni Humanitarian Service Award by the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine for her contribution to health care in communities in Africa and Asia.

More information about Connie can be found at https://www.facebook.com/corneliaedavismd

Connie sums up her attitude by saying, “It’s been my experience that you need to seize all the opportunities that present themselves. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. Risking is better than regretting.”

Connie’s life wasn’t easy. Read about the emotional rewards she received as she swatted mosquitoes and bounced down unpaved, dusty roads in the tropical heat. You may find yourself motivated to go after something you’ve always wanted.

Go to https://www.corneliaedavismd.com to learn how you can change your life.

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