Learn How To Protect Your Child From EMF Wireless Device Radiation Exposure

Jun 15, 2022

Wondering whether exposure to EMF radiation can harm your child’s health? Read the new Omnia report!

Learn How To Protect Your Child From EMF Wireless Device Radiation Exposure

Have you read articles that claim radiation from wireless devices can harm a child’s health? Do these articles make you concerned for your child? Here is a report by Omnia with some of the latest information on this topic.

This company is committed to providing useful info to readers like you about the effects of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation on people's health.

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Children at home are often more digitally competent than the adult members of the family and spend countless hours playing digital games on wireless devices. You can now learn whether you should limit the time your children spend with devices that emit EMFs.

Whether EMFs are detrimental to children is still open to debate, but this report explains that cellphones that have passed tests for safety are designated safe for adults, not necessarily for children.

The report also explains that today’s children are the first humans to have a lifetime of exposure to EMF radiation. No tests have been conducted to demonstrate the safety of phones, TVs, laptops, and other wireless devices over such a long time.

Because lifetime exposure to EMF radiation has not yet been shown to be safe, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued recommendations in 2017 about limiting a child’s exposure to EMFs.

This report acknowledges that completely eliminating EMF exposure for your child is unrealistic but that you can take steps to reduce the amount of EMF radiation your child is exposed to. Since children may be more sensitive to EMF radiation than adults, using a radiofrequency shield may be able to help reduce the impact EMF may have on your child.

Omnia’s mission is to share the latest information about the effects of radiation and to provide radiation protection stickers for you if you want to balance the wireless radiation fields as a way to keep those energy fields from disrupting your child’s health.

The company manufactures Omnia Radiation Balancer (ORB) stickers that can be applied to any of your devices to balance the radiation coming from them so that the electrical field of the radiation from the device matches the electrical fields of your body.

The company’s other product - the stylish ORB pendant - was designed for wearing around the neck. It contains an ORB sticker and is especially suitable for children, pets, and individuals who often walk near others who do not use protection on their cell phones.

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