Learn How To Implement AI Into Your Organization With This Online Training

Jul 9, 2020

Two leading experts in the adult learning space have combined for a unique event: Chatbot Revolution Online! Check out the course today and see how neuroscience and AI are merging.

A new hands-on, innovative live online course has been launched based on building educational online chatbots. Educational chatbots can be used for realistic two-way conversations and can be designed for a variety of purposes including answering questions and evaluating performance. This makes the course ideal for anybody wanting to learn how to implement AI into their organization.

The Chatbot Revolution Online course has been created by Margie Meacham in order to bring the artificial intelligence of chatbots to education and corporate training. Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence, and articial intelligence is becoming prominent all over the world, with AI being used for the likes of managing bank accounts and booking travel.

This technology can also be used to help teach people new skills. Chatbots can be used for engaging two-way conversations with learners, clients and stakeholders, and can be designed to answer questions, evaluate performance, challenge assumptions and provide helpful tips, alongside other similar benefits.

Programming chatbots can appear incredibly difficult, time consuming and expensive. Nevertheless, participants will find that the course runs through the entire process step-by-step as well as providing personal coaching.

The course will go into detail on how exactly the brain responds in regards to a conversation with AI, with hands-on activities in the course that make use of key concepts of machine learning and neuroscience to help create engaging interactions that allow people to learn in a new way.

Within the course, you will move from concept through to a working prototype, including planning and design, making use of free, easy-to-use tools without the need for complicated programming.

The course will include selecting the best of the free-to-use or low-cost programming tools, and defining the purpose, skills, tone and cadence of the chatbot. Participants can apply a step-by-step method to plan, build and test the chatbot as well as publishing the bot on a public website, deploying it within eLearning or behind a private firewall.

Visit here https://www.learningtogo.info for all the details you need.

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