Learn How To Encourage Reading Development In Toddlers & Babies With BellyBelly

May 15, 2020

If you want to encourage language development in your child, there are a number of things to think about. This guide has you covered!

Did you know that there are a number of great strategies you can use to encourage language development in your kids? BellyBelly goes through these to set you up for success in the early years.

An informative guide has been launched by BellyBelly, focusing on when babies start talking and how to help babies develop speech. BellyBelly goes into detail on 9 effective tips to encourage language development, making it ideal for any parents that are wanting information on newborn and toddler language processes.

The guide explains that babies communicate with family from the day they are born, just not necessarily via vocal speech. Babies will cry when they are unhappy, giggle when they see something that they like and point at things that they want.

Nevertheless, the guide states that speech is something parents are always keen to develop with their children. The guide then goes on to explain how learning to talk is a long, slow process, however most babies will start to say basic words between 11 and 14 months. Then, by around 16 months, girls tend to have an average of 50 words and boys around 30.

You will find that when babies are learning to talk, the brain needs to be able to match certain objects with names. In addition to this, their lips and tongue have to be able to form shapes necessary for certain sounds.

Some babies say their first words before their first birthday, whereas others will take much longer to develop the control, which is perfectly normal. This is why babies learning to talk will first start experimenting with different noises repeatedly.

There are various strategies that parents can employ to aid speech development. These include acknowledging and responding to early baby communication, as well as singing and games such as peekaboo that engage the child in turn-taking.

Reading development is crucial because it sets the stage for school readiness. Research shows that reading to babies can help promote literacy and language development in later life as well as enhancing memory and cognitive thinking skills.

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