Learn How Strataflo’s Foot Valves Operate

Sep 9, 2022

Ever wondered what a foot valve is or how it works? Learn more in Strataflo’s latest post

Learn How Strataflo's Foot Valves Operate

Many people may have heard of a foot valve, but what does it really do? The team at Strataflo has released a new blog post helping readers understand how a foot valve operates. Let's take a deeper dive into everything to know about foot valves.

A foot valve is a type of check valve used in pumps at the suction base, or foot, of the pipe. It allows liquid to flow in one end of the valve and out the other when a pump is turned on. When the pump is turned off, it prevents fluid from flowing in either direction while simultaneously allowing the pump to stay primed, with liquid remaining in the pipes for the next time it’s needed.

This protects the pump from damage that can occur with backflow. Since foot valves are installed at the bottom of a well or tank, the weight of the fluid on top of the valve is enough to close the valve, preventing fluid flow when the pump is off. A screen at the valve opening prevents debris from entering and clogging the valve.

Flapper-style foot valves also use a flapper to control liquid flow. When the pump is turned on and pressure increases on the inlet end of the valve, the flapper is forced open. When the pump is turned off, gravity and the pressure of the backflow of liquid closes the flapper.

Foot valves are essential to protect pumps from backflow and allow pipes to remain primed with liquid, saving energy and ensuring it’s ready when required.

Foot valves are versatile devices found all around the globe. These products are used in many domestic and industrial applications. They are essential to ensuring a one-way flow of liquids and preventing backflow that can damage pumps. Foot valves are mainly used in eater wells or irrigation pump systems. These valves are also found in many irrigation systems.

Strataflo manufactures all-purpose foot valves for multiple applications, including cold water, ethylene and glycol, and fuel pump systems.

The complete article is available to view in full at https://strataflo.com/what-is-a-check-valve/.

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