Learn How RT Marketing Helps Clients Boost Their Business

Nov 23, 2022

RT Marketing’s latest post helps businesses with their marketing efforts.

Learn How RT Marketing Helps Clients Boost Their Business

Marketing is an essential part of any business plan, but it can come with challenges. Every industry has its challenges, and home product manufacturers are no different. RT Marketing has released a new post to help with some solutions for clients struggling to identify and overcome the struggles with marketing a home product manufacturing company.

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Here is a quick snippet of a couple of challenges businesses may face:

Challenge: Ultra-Specific Needs

Marketing is much easier in industries where consumer needs are not super specific. Many home products are highly specialized and may be difficult to explain in a simple ad.

Solution: Video

What better way to show potential clients what a business offers than through video? One solution RT Martjeting offers is posting videos to social media accounts will increase reach and engagement.

An Exert reads:

"This doesn’t have to be a fancy production. You can take a video from your phone and post it to social media with minimal editing. One idea is to video client testimonials from happy clients. You could also video your product at work so people can see what you offer and how it could work in their homes."

Other challenges include long sale cycles, keeping up with marketing trends, and keeping websites up to date.

Need help with strategic marketing efforts that are thoroughly integrated? RT Marketing can help. To learn more, read the full article here.

Located in Hudson, NC, RT Marketing is a veteran-owned branding & strategic marketing company that provides clients with expert advice on the most current, influential marketing trends and strategies in both the marketing world and the manufacturing/design/build industry.

In 2020, RT Marketing joined forces with The Souza Agency, Inc. team in Annapolis, MD. This collaboration provided new marketing services, expertise, and unique offerings for clients.

Those interested in learning more about RT Marketing are encouraged to visit their website today.

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