Learn Affiliate Marketing & E-Commerce: Be a Full-Time Digital Nomad in Krabi

Oct 20, 2022

Why work your boring 9-to-5 when you can make money while enjoying a drink by the sea and watching the sunset? With Crucial Constructs’ affiliate marketing training program, you can say goodbye to your boring job and become a digital nomad in Krabi, Thailand.

Learn Affiliate Marketing & E-Commerce: Be a Full-Time Digital Nomad in Krabi

Are you the type of person who loves traveling to new places? Do you prefer exploring the place like a local instead of cramming all of your sightseeing in just a few days? By learning affiliate marketing and setting up your own online business, you can live in different cities all over the world.

Really get to know Krabi, and explore the city at a more leisurely pace by living there as a digital nomad. Crucial Constructs will give you the skills that you need to live and earn in this Thai paradise.

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If you enjoy diving, Krabi will not disappoint. It is one of the best coral diving spots in the world. You can also explore Krabi's small nearby islands, hidden beaches, and enclaves.

The city is an idyllic spot where people can enjoy the sea on one side, and the karst mountains on the other. The sunsets in Krabi are the best in the country, and Crucial Constructs highly recommends the various seaside restaurants in the city.

As a digital nomad, you will need good quality internet and the company reports that the average internet speed in Krabi is 29Mbps. They recommend looking for an apartment a little further away from the seaside and tourist spots as they are quieter and more affordable.

The affiliate marketing training company recommends a reliable website where digital nomads can find monthly rentals at competitive prices. These rentals are fully-furnished and the utilities are already set up so tenants can get to work as soon as they move in.

Crucial Constructs aims to empower people by giving them the right skill sets to start and grow their own online businesses. There are many methods to choose from, including affiliate marketing, e-commerce, blogging, and local digital agencies that enable people to live wherever they want and still earn through direct response marketing.

“Krabi is one of the cheapest places to live in Thailand because there’s an abundance of accommodation and you won’t be affected by inflated island prices in peak seasons,” an experienced digital nomad said.

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