Leading MacGregor Firm Offers Professional Cleaning of Various Vehicle Fleets

Nov 29, 2020

If you’re looking for the best professional fleet cleaning service in MacGregor, QLD, look no further than Innova Services Group, which has decades of experience under its belt.

Want fast and professional cleaning of your vehicle fleet? Entrust this crucial task to an expert firm like Innova Services Group!

MacGregor, QLD-based Innova Services Group announces the launch of its new fleet cleaning services. The firm provides expert cleaning to operators, buses, coaches, trucks, trailers, trains, and aircrafts.

Learn more by visiting https://innovaservicesgroup.com.au

This new service is being launched in response to the need for thorough cleaning services in light of the current pandemic. By hiring a professional firm to perform this task, you can reassure your clients that their health and safety are being prioritized.

While the current pandemic is being managed by local governments, many people are still wary of travelling due to health concerns. Unfortunately, not all fleet operators have the training, equipment, or expertise to conduct thorough cleaning procedures that meet local guidelines.

Innova Services Group uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods to protect the planet and to ensure that your passengers will not be exposed to harmful chemicals. Understanding that different clients have different needs, the firm can create bespoke cleaning and maintenance schedules for you.

A spokesperson for the firm adds that regular fleet cleaning helps prolong the service life of your vehicles, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run. Moreover, well-maintained vehicles are easier and faster to inspect, making deployment more efficient.

As part of the cleaning service, Innova Services Group performs steam cleaning, leather conditioning, floor restoration, thorough washing, and refuelling. All personnel are trained professionals who draw from decades of cleaning experience.

The firm guarantees the highest quality of service, regardless of how extensive your fleet may be. For its excellent service, it has received an aggregated quality score of 93.5% across its clients.

Innova Services Group is an end-to-end professional cleaner that services the hotel, corporate, school, childcare, and healthcare industries. By taking over cleaning and maintenance, it aims to help companies focus on their core business and services.

The spokesperson adds: “Cleaning and sanitation have never been more important, and we aim to provide expert services that are fast and efficiently rendered.”

Don’t settle for anything but the best professional fleet cleaning service. Contact Innova Services Group today!

You can find more information about Innova Services Group and its services through the URL above.

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