Leading Life Coach & Therapist Does Hypnotherapy For Anxiety In Boca Raton

Feb 20, 2024

Ready to be at your absolute best? Celebrity hypnotherapist and mindset coach, Sasha Carrion, is bringing her HEAL YOURSELF Therapy group to the Boca Raton/Delray area.

Take a step back and imagine what It would be like to be truly, blissfully happy. Is it hard to do? Maybe it is because of some limiting beliefs you still have right now. Would you like to be really happy? Not in the I-just-ate-my-favorite-food kind of way (although there’s nothing wrong with that), but in the contented, peaceful way that comes from within.

Are you ready to make a change? Take the first step towards your healing today at https://healyourselftherapy.com

Hypnotherapy can help you on your healing journey and make you experience happiness from within, but it can also provide some therapeutic benefits. Here are just some of the issues hypnotherapy can help you with:

  • Anxiety
  • Trauma Release
  • Public Speaking
  • Boosting Self-confidence
  • Eliminating Negative Beliefs

Achieve your full potential

Sasha Carrion, a renowned hypnotherapist and mindset coach, has expanded her HEAL YOURSELF Therapy group into the Boca Raton/Delray area. 

The new services are designed to help you overcome your negative thought patterns or behaviors. Specifically, Sasha and her team use integrative hypnotherapy to guide you to let go of the mental blocks, from childhood trauma to ingrained ways of thinking, that are preventing you from achieving your full potential.

Personalized care

Sasha expanded her HEAL YOURSELF Therapy group to support you in your healing and spiritual journey. Through a combination of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, reiki, and life coaching, you can now become aware of your negative thinking and learn healthier coping mechanisms for almost any stressful event.

Get results immediately without needing years of therapy! Sasha has designed her program to be instantly effective so that you can start experiencing joy TODAY.

Change your life

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy does not involve making you do something you do not want to do. Instead, Sasha guides you into a relaxed state of mind where you can safely and confidently confront your inner thoughts. Sasha then offers affirmative suggestions that you can accept or reject to create long-lasting change.

The goal of any hypnotherapy session is to reprogram the mind toward healing. Most adults operate on “autopilot” and are more reactive to situations rather than proactive. While this is needed for survival, it may become challenging if you have subconsciously programmed yourself to react with fear and anxiety instead of patience and grace.

Sasha and her team remove limiting and self-harming programming and opens the path for you to start healing from within. This makes hypnotherapy beneficial for any type of negative behavior or limiting belief, including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and even hair-picking. Sasha says that HEAL YOURSELF can be used by anyone who is looking to improve themselves.

Remember: only YOU can create long-lasting change in yourself.

Learn more at https://healyourselftherapy.com/Boca-Raton-Delray-Beach 

Sasha writes, "As a Hypnotherapist, I do my absolute best to create a warm and caring environment in which you can relax and focus on creating the changes that you came in for. Having once been a Hypnotherapist’s client myself, I know first-hand how life-changing hypnotherapy can be. The changes I experienced in my own life were so uplifting that I decided that I needed to share hypnotherapy with others. This isn’t just a job for me — it is a true passion for helping people."

Go to https://Healyourselftherapy.com/appointments so you can book your 1st appointment.

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