Leaders Get Free Crisis Planning & Support From This International Peace Expert

Dec 15, 2022

Leaders at Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl headquartered in Switzerland, (+41 767 938307), understand the pain and discomfort you experience during times of uncertainty. For guidance and resilience-building amid global conflict and health crises, book your free consultation at the organization’s website.

Leaders Get Free Crisis Planning & Support From This International Peace Expert

Are the ever-rolling global conflicts, health emergencies, and regional and national societal struggles beginning to whittle down your own coping mechanisms?

Maybe you're in a position of leadership and you're finding it difficult to dredge up the emotional or even strategic resources needed to instill resilience, preparedness, and a sense of strength among your management teams, stakeholders, or communities.

The experts at Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl can help.

Established by Dr Erika Wichro, MD, MAS (LLM), MA, MPH in 2018, the Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl consultancy is built upon first-hand experiences with the many powerful benefits of collaboration between sectors that include politics, law, economics, health, public health and civil protection, can offer communities, organizations, and nations.

Dr. Wichro and her colleagues can help you strengthen your preparedness and response systems, and assist you better cope with crisis whether you're an individual feeling more and more alone and powerless in the world or you're a political or organizational leader everyone is looking to for answers.

Dr. Wichro and her team are known for going the extra mile to ensure their clients achieve their goals.

Peacebuilding, conflict prevention, and problem-solving during times of crisis require leadership and guidance from experts in cross-sectoral collaboration and evidence-based, capacity-building solutions. Regardless of your own business and academic gravitas, you can't just shoot from the hip on these strategies when the health and emotional wellbeing of others are hanging in the balance.

To help you manage the destabilizing effects today’s global conflicts and health crises are having on your personal resources or your community's wellness, Dr. Erika Wichro, CEO of Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl is now offering free, solutions-oriented consultations.

You can book your consultation now by visiting the Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl website at https://peacebuildingpartners.com

If you're exhausted by global conflict and ongoing health crises and you're struggling to remain resourceful, you'll find the help you need in consultation with Dr. Wichro.

As a contributing writer at the Crisis Response Journal, Dr. Wichro says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the threat of biological weapons, the Syrian civil war and other global crises have collateral impacts that are leaching across borders, through governments, and into societies.

Read more at at https://www.crisis-response.com

Dr. Wichro reminds her audiences that conflicts such as the ones outlined at the Crisis Response Journal require creative problem-solving, accelerated holistic healing, and inclusive dialogue to ensure no one is left behind.

Meanwhile, health emergencies that include COVID-19, acute respiratory syndrome, Ebola, polio and other viruses and vaccine-preventable disease continue to negatively impact individual lives and national healthcare systems around the world, and also require pro-active planning.

To ensure neither you nor the groups or teams you're responsible for are ever at risk of playing catch-up when emergency strikes, and that you're in good shape now to manage whatever the future holds, you can begin building foundations in partnership with Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl.

Read Dr. Wichro's contribution to the Journal of Infectious Diseases & Travel Medicine to learn more about her findings at https://medwinpublishers.com/JIDTM/JIDTM16000135.pdf

With a deep understanding of international law and a commitment to building regional and global health and resilience, Dr. Wichro says it is critical institutions keep people informed on how they can prepare for and manage crises through what’s been learned during the global pandemic and other emergencies.

Dr. Wichro stresses the importance of functioning standards of operation, a viable stakeholder system, and a disaster plan framework that involves stakeholder engagement, critical risk communication, and pro-active media engagement for the achievement of peaceful and resilient preparedness.

Dr. Wichro adds that while harmonized measures across countries are suggested by national and international health authorities, the final decision on their implementation rests in the hands of each country’s government.

Dr. Wichro draws on 30 years of practical experience in national and international health, health emergency coordination, pandemic preparedness and response, and her continuing research to work with you and provide you with the information you need to make the wisest preparedness and daily health management choices in both your business and personal life.

Whether for you, your community, your company or your country, you'll find the technical guidance and support you need to navigate crisis by connecting directly with Dr. Erika Wichro at the Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl website.

Stop worrying and start living. Learn more at https://peacebuildingpartners.com

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