Launch Your Own Property Franchise With This Franklin, TN Realty Coaching Expert

Jun 21, 2022

Do you want to take your career in real estate to the next level? Impact Properties (+1-888-508-0518) can offer you training and franchising opportunities in Franklin, TN!

Launch Your Own Property Franchise With This Franklin, TN Realty Coaching Expert

Take your real estate career to the next level with Impact Properties – they can help you reach your full potential and open premises in Franklin, TN!

The interstate property agency can provide you with expansion opportunities if you are an established agent or an up-and-coming realtor who wants to transition into a full-time role.

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Impact Properties can train you in the latest buying and selling techniques and can even help you set up your own affiliated franchise. The company can offer you hands-on coaching if you have little to no professional real estate experience, as well as if you are a seasoned agent looking to challenge yourself.

It can even deliver branding and marketing tools such as affiliated realty sites with CRM (customer relations management) systems. If you are a top producing agent who closes on at least 25 deals a year, Impact Properties can offer you legal support and facilitate the opening of your own independent office.

If you are a licensed agent who wants to set challenging sales goals, Impact Properties can coach you in business planning and skill development in order to foster growth. Alongside realtors, the agency is interested in hiring other types of real estate employees, such as marketing specialists, recruiters, and graphic designers.

They also offer a marketing internship, during which they will train you in advertising and social media marketing. This opportunity is ideal if you have graphic design, writing, and photography experience and would like to transfer your skills into a real estate setting.

Impact Properties can also train you as an ISA (Inside Sales Agent) who assists with its online buying and selling clients. Given that the realty group is committed to developing its online network techniques, it is always looking for talent acquisition specialists who can build connections with industry professionals and scout for talent on behalf of the company.

About Impact Properties

Since its Yorba Linda, CA offices began operating in 2013, the agency has seen rapid growth in its revenue and sales teams. By 2018, Impact Properties had a team of over 30 agents and had opened its first office in Franklin, TN. By providing you with professional development and one-on-one training, the Impact Properties team is dedicated to innovating the real estate process and recognizing the importance of collaboration and cooperation.

Impact Properties is a real estate company operating in California, Alabama, and Tennessee – call them today at +1-888-508-0518 to open your own franchise!

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