Launch A New Consulting Business With Expert Help: Training Program Now Open

Jan 17, 2024

Jeanne Omlor’s Business Success Accelerator program is your ticket to a successful consulting business launch, featuring industry secrets not available anywhere else.

3... 2... 1... LIFTOFF!

Few things are scarier - in business, and in life - than a launch. As with its astronomical counterpart, the launch of a business involves a great deal of risk. So much can go wrong, and if it does, the potential for loss is nearly unlimited. These are the gambles we take, and the wagers we must make - not to get too lyrical, of course.

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Nowhere is the risk more evident than in the consulting industry. In fact, a new study found that over 80% of consulting businesses fail within their first year, if not sooner.

These failures were attributed to factors such as lack of preparation, inability to leverage social media, and poor offer development. This means that, if you are planning to launch your consulting business successfully, you may need a little help!

Enter: Jeanne Omlor

To extend the rocketeering metaphor a bit further, allow me to introduce you to the proverbial "mission control" for your upcoming launch. Jeanne Omlor is a master consultant - the so-called "Queen of Authentic Marketing" - and she is here to ensure that everything goes smoothly as you prepare to launch your consulting service.

Her Business Success Accelerator program has all the tools and information necessary to help you build through the early phases of business development with confidence!

This incredible, exclusive training is divided into three components (much like a rocket ship!). Let's explore them now.

Phase 1: The Booster

Every rocket achieves lift-off through the use of a powerful booster. To get you off the launchpad, Jeanne has created a series of learn-at-your-own-pace training videos.

These videos will set the groundwork for your consulting businesses by establishing the basics of content marketing, regulatory compliance, and business planning.

Phase 2: The Rocket Body

Proceeding from the group up, we move on to the part of the rocket that houses the important components: the specifics that will make your business function.

During this crucial phase of the program, Jeanne offers direct coaching, walking you through the development of your unique action plan as you prepare to enter the highly competitive consulting field.

It is at this time that she will help you establish a powerful social media presence that is effective at both building authority in your niche and keeping potential clients engaged until they are ready to convert.

Phase 3: The Nose Cone

Finally, we come to the tip of the rocket. This is the part of the spacecraft that houses the astronauts, and the portion of the program that will see you prep for takeoff!

In this phase, Jeanne will introduce you to the group mindset training portion of the program. Here, she intends to foster the creation of what she calls the “genius zone”, a state of mind where successes can be celebrated, good ideas can flourish, and setbacks can be easily conquered without fear.

In this way, you will prepare yourself for the rigors of liftoff by speaking with those who have already undergone the process and seen the stars.

Your Journey Awaits!

The methods that she passes on in this program were developed over the course of her own highly successful consulting career, and can be used even if you have no prior experience owning your own business.

She uses no traditional advertising, relying only on cutting-edge content marketing strategies that you can use right now!

What are you waiting for? The countdown has already begun!

If you are interested in joining, you can book a free consultation at

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