Las Vegas NV Locksmith Contractor Offers Discount on Panic Bar Installation

Feb 24, 2021

Hire a trusted Las Vegas, NV locksmith to install high-quality panic bars for your business or building.

Want to save on panic bar installation? This expert locksmith is offering a special deal just for you!

Las Vegas, NV-based NV Locksmith announces the launch of its updated panic bar installation service. This security feature allows people to quickly open a door during emergency situations with a simple push rather than by using a key.

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This updated service is geared towards business owners like you who are looking to increase the safety and security of your commercial buildings. NV Locksmith notes that since panic bars are often a mandatory safety requirement, it installs these products in accordance with local ordinances.

The firm explains that panic bars are spring-loaded levers installed across a door, such as those used in schools and offices. Since they cannot be opened from the outside but are easily activated on the inside, they protect establishments from burglars while simultaneously facilitating quick evacuation during emergencies.

You can expect end-to-end servicing from the contractor, including recommending the best panic bar options given your budget. All products are sourced from leading manufacturers and installed by duly licensed locksmiths.

NV Locksmith offers a broad range of panic bars to choose from, ensuring compatibility regardless of the doors you currently have installed. Since installation is conducted according to code, you can be confident when applying for safety permits and inspections.

Aside from increased security, NV Locksmith says that another benefit of panic bars is their relative affordability. Moreover, the added safety they provide can help lower the insurance rates that you pay.

For a limited time only, NV Locksmith is offering a special discount on the purchase and installation of panic bars. The contractor notes that its team offers 24/7 servicing despite the current pandemic.

NV Locksmith is a leading security expert that helps companies protect their workplace, employees, and customers. It services the greater Las Vegas metro area as well as all surrounding communities.

A spokesperson says: “You can’t put a price on security, but panic bars are one of the most cost-efficient ways to boost safety in buildings. And now, we are offering special discounts to help clients save even more money.”

Don’t miss this chance to save big on panic bar installation. Contact NV Locksmith today to get started!

You can find further information about NV Locksmith and its services through the URL above.

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