Lake Charles Dental Clinic Top Organic Google Ranking: Autofill Optimization

Mar 14, 2024

SEO can cost thousands of dollars each month, and gaining top search rankings is never guaranteed. My Tooth Media can help your Lake Charles dental practice dominate the entire first page using autocomplete optimization.

The New SEO Alternative

When you start typing “Lake Charles dentist” on Google, autocomplete suggests a list of possible search queries. With autocomplete optimization, My Tooth Media makes the name of your dental practice appear as a suggested term.

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The first step is to choose your keywords or phrases, like “best orthodontist in Lake Charles,” or “Lake Charles family dentist.” The unique technology then makes the name of your practice appear in autofill on top search engines, including Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Each search phrase will only be issued to a single practice in order to ensure exclusivity and maximize the outcome. My Tooth Media advises you to choose your preferred words and/or phrases as soon as possible, because the best ones will be taken quickly.

First-Page Google Domination

While pay-per-click advertising can achieve a position at or near the top of Google search results, several studies have shown that many consumers prefer organic listings. Therefore, many organizations invest heavily in SEO services, which can run into thousands of dollars each month.

As My Tooth Media explains, SEO is not guaranteed to generate a top position on the first page and, when it does, it’s usually only one among many others. In comparison, dental practices who have already started using autocomplete optimization are reporting near domination of organic page-1 rankings.

“We put your dental practice in the auto-complete for Google, YouTube and Bing, so your customers see you before anyone else,” a company representative explained. “You will be the sole company listed for the chosen keyword phrase, as we never sell the same phrase to multiple clients.”

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media’s new technology is unique in the digital marketing and SEO industry. While the firm is currently introducing the service in select regions across the US, it states that it is equally effective for businesses working at a national or international level.

“We opted to take as many keywords and phrases as we could so we could own the local search market, and we’re delighted with the result,” one client recently stated. “My Tooth Media delivers exactly what they promise.”

Keywords and phrases are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so get in quick before your competitors find out.

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