Kodiak Hub SRM Software

Oct 21, 2022

Kodiak Hub SRM Software is a mindblowing new experience for anyone in procurement, supply chain or sustainability. Learn more about on their website. Ask sales for a demo and they’ll show you the ins and outs of what SRM Software should entail

Kodiak Hub SRM Software

Customers looking for an exceptional Supplier Relationship Management Software are now able to purchase Kodiak Hub SRM Software by Kodiak Hub. Sam Jenks, Chief of Growth at Kodiak Hub has just released more in depth details of Kodiak Hub SRM Software's development.

Kodiak Hub SRM Software is designed to appeal specifically to Procurement Professionals, Supply Chain Professionals, Sourcing professionals and includes:

Supplier Information Management - This was made part of the product since it helps manage suppliers, contracts, categories, and product data, all from one platform in Kodiak's Supplier Management Software. This feature was included as a part of the software because. Customers who buy Kodiak Hub SRM Software should enjoy this particular feature because It helps them save time, work more efficiently and access information quickly instead of it being siloed on someones computer in an excel spreadsheet, email or a note - this is good for customers since .

Supplier Performance Management - Kodiak Hub made sure to make this part of the Supplier Relationship Management Software's development as it makes it awesomely easy to capture data about a supplier’s output performance - triangulating information from stakeholder evaluations, supplier feedback, and via integrations with business and ERP solution(s). Performance data is aggregated, and rated providing users with instant insights on status; including quality and delivery performance, degree of displayed flexibility, innovation capacity, as well as progress within the sustainability area such as energy efficiency, and climate impact.. Customers will likely appreciate this because this will help them know which suppliers are performing well, or poorly, so that necessary action can be taken. Kodiak Hub's customers should always be able to quickly understand a suppliers performance when needed, which they are unable to do in todays solutions and spreadsheets when they have 500+ suppliers..

Supplier Risk Management - This feature was included because it gives them a global overview for macro risk assessments & ratings which allows them to quickly spot current geopolitical and sustainability risks. The tool keeps them on top of risks that might hurt their supply chain, cause a disturbance, or pose a threat to their business - without the burden of manual work. Add on the safe(SOURCE) premium to receive in-depth insights and monitoring of sanctions and PEP, providing the ultimate risk coverage.. This is great news for the consumer as they'll be able to spot risks before they happen. Leading to real supply chain resilience and thus less supply chain disruptions..

Sam Jenks, when asked about Kodiak Hub SRM Software said:

"We've been seeing the great benefits our software has for our clients and are very excited to see more and more companies hop onboard, starting to leverage their supplier data in a smarter way than they're currently doing in their spreadsheets. This truly is the future for people working in procurement and supply chain."

This is Kodiak Hub's ninth release of a product and Sam Jenks is particularly excited about this product because this is a real game changer in the industry..

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at https://www.kodiakhub.com/supplier-relationship-management-software

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.kodiakhub.com/supplier-relationship-management-software

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