Keystone 3 Pro Hardware Wallet For Seed Phrase Backup & Secure Transactions

Apr 24, 2024

Looking for a hardware wallet with a large screen, multi-layered security and a failsafe backup solution? Check out The Crypto Merchant’s guide to the new Keystone 3 Pro!

Want the lowdown on what's new on the blockchain? Looking for some new hardware wallet and recovery tool options?

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You can purchase the Keystone 3 Pro through The Crypto Merchant web store which stocks a wide range of leading brand merchandise - from recovery plates to apparel.

Advanced Encryption

The Keystone 3 Pro offers you robust security with advanced encryption and recovery options ensuring that your assets are protected against loss, theft, or corruption. The device allows you to automate backups - and all data is translated into virtually indecipherable code and stored in the cloud.

QR Code Verification

You can restore specific files or do a complete backup. For secure offline data transfer, the Keystone 3 Pro uses QR codes and Micro SD cards - going beyond the security standards of traditional hardware wallets.

Triple Chip Protection

While the product does not have a dedicated companion app, it works seamlessly with all major software wallets including Metamask, Zapper, and Blue Wallet. The wallet has three PCI security chips and is designed to work in conjunction with a companion backup tablet - a durable metal plate made from high-grade stainless steel that can be used to store recovery seed phrases.

Anti-Tamper Technology

The guide highlights the device's multi-layered security as one of its key advantages over rival brands. An anti-tamper mechanism means that, if your wallet is opened or disassembled without authorization, all data is automatically destroyed but can be rescued via your seed phrase on another device.

The article states, “The Keystone Backup Tool gives you quick and easy ways to get your data back, which makes the process of restoring easy. At The Crypto Merchant, we deeply value the significance of data protection, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend the Keystone Backup Tool as the go-to solution for fortifying your digital assets.”

This latest Keystone product also features an improved battery which gives you an impressive 200 hours of power in standby mode. You can fully charge the 3 Pro within three hours.

Don't let your crypto funds join the millions of dollars worth of currency that is lost due to inadequate storage and security. Head on over to The Crypto Merchant for the best backup solutions!

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