Key Mortgage Group Leads The Way With Pay It Forward Business Aid Event

May 29, 2020

Support local businesses in Davenport, IA alongside Quad Cities mortgage lender Key Mortgage Group – Buy gift cards from local stores and restaurants to support their COVID-19 recovery!

Davenport’s local business community has been adversely affected by the economic effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Key Mortgage Group, a leading mortgage lender in the Quad Cities, IA region has stepped up to make a difference. 

The mortgage loan origination specialists in Davenport launched a community support initiative to help deserving businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis. As a strong advocate for local businesses and community involvement, Key Mortgage Group has started the Pay It Forward event to boost spending at restaurants, stores, and other local small businesses that rely on customer footfalls.

If you’re looking to help local businesses survive this challenging time, Key Mortgage Group encourages you to spend at local stores.

The Quad Cities Chamber reports that banks and lenders across the region are preparing to help qualifying small businesses receive aid through the Illinois Small Business COVID-19 Relief Program. Community involvement is a great way for residents, visitors, and businesses to supplement government aid.

Key Mortgage Group kickstarted the Pay It Forward campaign to support businesses chosen by the community. The company reports that the community has raised more than $3,300 in donations that will be used to purchase gift cards for businesses. Silverthorne Homebuilders of Bettendorf, IA has agreed to match every dollar raised by the event.

More information about the event is available at and

According to a spokesperson for the Davenport, IA mortgage bankers, “Local businesses in Davenport are among those hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis. We believe that the Pay It Forward event is a practical way to strengthen local businesses and will draw our community closer as we come through this crisis together.”

Key Mortgage Group in Davenport, IA is headed by VP of Real Estate Lending John Cornish. The company has offices in Urbandale, Clinton, and Davenport. The company continues to help individuals and families find affordable home financing during the global health crisis. 

For more information about the coronavirus community support event and homeownership in Davenport, IA, call 563-508-5454 or visit to know how you can support local businesses in your area.

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