Kerstetter Law Of Haddon Township Releases A New Client Review Commercial Produced By Reputation Media TV – A Division Of Circle Consulting Agency

Jan 21, 2017

Kerstetter Law has released a new high quality client review commercial produced by Reputation Media TV. Kerstetter Law is headquartered in Haddon Township NJ. Their firm serves all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and we are experts in the areas of family law, matrimonial law, and estate planning law. They have the experience needed to provide you with the legal advice you need, to ensure that your case reaches the best possible outcome.

For people in Haddon Township looking for a new attorney to handle their family legal issues, Kerstetter Law has a new video commercial showcasing a review from one of their satisfied clients. To protect the identity of the client they have requested that their name not be included. Kerstetter Law wanted to show how much pride they take into the work their firm does so memorializing the client’s review by creating a commercial out of it was the best way to present it for future clients to see.

This new video review can be viewed at this link: Kerstetter Law Haddon Township Review Commercial

"Jeff was the most honest and helpful attorney. Don’t know how I would have gotten through such a terrible divorce without him. I couldn’t say enough good things , if you want a good lawyer to fight for you he is it !!", says Heather.

Ask any homeowner and they’ll say: Owning a house is one expense after another. This is true before a divorce and it is true after a divorce. Houses require maintenance. They may need a new roof in the summer or a heater in the winter. They develop leaks and creaks and all manner of minor and major issues which require the homeowner to spend time and money repairing and replacing this, that, or the other thing from time to time. They also require payment of taxes and a mortgage if the home is not owned outright. There will also always be the “carrying costs” such as heating, electricity, gas, trash removal, etc. While these things may not cause major headaches for a two-income family, they can be absolutely devastating for a single parent following a divorce.

This is especially true if the parties split things like credit card debt in the divorce too, leaving one party to raise children, pay the bills, cover the debts, and maintain the house in moving forward. Sometimes there just simply is not enough money on the table, no matter who wants what, to maintain what once was. In these cases, things like the filing of a joint Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy prior to filing for divorce may make sense for both parties. In other cases, simply selling the home and using the proceeds to pay off all of a couple’s debts before they divorce will make much greater sense and help both clients and their children, if there are any, move forward without a lot of the stress which would otherwise follow them after the divorce as they try to maintain their standard of living.

The point here is not that no one should ever fight to keep their home when they are going through a divorce. There may in fact be many reasons why keeping a home makes sense for one party or another in a divorce. The point here is that each divorce is unique and so too is the future each party to a divorce will face when their divorce is final and they begin their new life. When consulting with an attorney about a potential divorce, it is always important to keep in mind not just what the individual might want, but also what the individual needs and what the individual can afford, both today and tomorrow and in the years to come.

A good family law attorney will always talk with about what is needed. He or she will discuss with just about what a person “can” request but also about what “makes sense” for the individual to request in their divorce. He or she will explain the law and also the economic realities they are likely to face after their divorce is final. This way both the client and the attorney are partners, working together to make sure that when their divorce is final, they are in the best possible position to move their life forward, regardless of where they may then hang their hat and call home.

The primary area of practice at Kerstetter Law is family matters and they focus on helping their potential clients get the best possible results given the facts and law at hand. For those that want to learn more, they can simply go to where they can find information on a wide range of family law legal issues or they can call them at 856-942-1222

Jeffrey Alan Kerstetter, Esquire, the principal attorney and managing partner at Kerstetter Law says, “We’re always happy to help, because satisfied clients are the key to our success and we achieve our goals one client at a time.”

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