Keep Your Employees Safe With This Wolverhampton UK PPE FFP3 Face Mask Supplier

Dec 4, 2020

The West Midlands-based Blyth Group has launched a new range of face masks that are approved by the WHO and filter bacteria. The team explain the FFP3 face masks cover the mouth, chin, and nose of the wearer for added protection.

How are you keeping your employees safe while they are at work? Have you considered purchasing wholesale supplies of PPE including face masks to ensure your team can work safely? Are you aware of the advantages offered by the FFP3 dust protector face mask that filters bacteria? If you need a reliable supplier in Wolverhampton, read on to find out more!

A specialist supplier of medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has launched a range of foldable FFP3 face masks aimed at you if you are a business or wholesale customers based in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands.

You can find out more at

In case you are wondering, the newly launched FFP3 foldable face masks are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and offer your team >99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and >95% 0.1 Micron Filtration Efficiency. The Blyth Group explains it offers you the capacity and expertise to deliver bespoke solutions that protect your team while they are working.

As a wholesale and B2B supplier, the company offers you access to boxes of masks that cater to your requirements, whether you need 20, 200, or 400 face masks. The team explain the FFP3 dust masks are brand new, high-quality, and offer fluid resistance, which makes them ideal for your employees that need to work safely during the current health crisis as well as throughout the winter cold and flu season.

Additionally, the masks are designed to cover the nose, mouth, and chin for full protection from viruses, dust, and other airborne particles. In case you are wondering, they offer skin-friendly comfort, are hypoallergenic with a high filtration capacity, and the structure is made from a non-woven material. The team add that every mask supplied by the Blyth Group is BSI, CE approved and EN149:2001 and A1:2009 compliant.

The team explain they are well placed to assist you whether you are a wholesale, B2B, or individual customer as the family-run Blyth Group was established in 1982 and is trusted by local authorities and government bodies. They add that they are the leading suppliers of FFP3 respirators to UK industries including construction, production, and health and social work.

A spokesperson said: “Our ethos can be summed up as ‘big enough to deliver, small enough to care.’ This means we have the capacity to help you secure a consistent PPE supply chain that is responsibly sourced and directly delivered to you. We have been providing our clients with a consistent supply chain for over ten years and through the ongoing pandemic.”

You can find out more by visiting the link provided! Alternatively, you can view more details about the Blyth Group PPE at

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