Keep Firearms Hidden From Your Kids With Lockable & Invisible Headrest Car Safe

Apr 14, 2024

The Headrest Safe Co. from Homewood, Alabama introduces its headrest storage safe that can keep your valuable items secure in your car. Visit their website to know more!

Keep Firearms Hidden From Your Kids With Lockable & Invisible Headrest Car Safe

It's the best thing since sliced bread! A headrest posing as an invisible safe? It's genius! Now I can check off leaving all my valuables in my car from my things-that-cause-me-low-key-anxiety list. If you want some peace of mind, let the people from The Headrest Safe Co. hook you up with a headrest safe!

The product is a lockable safe disguised as a car headrest designed to keep your valuables safe from theft. A pioneer in the industry, the company delivers an innovative product that offers maximum safety through advanced materials and intelligent design.

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The Headrest Safe provides car owners like yourself with a secure in-vehicle storage solution.

"We'll give you the power to store cash, valuables, medication, jewelry, a firearm, or anything else that's important to you in your vehicle — without the worry of “what if”," explained a company representative.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), car thefts and break-ins have seen a steep climb with numbers reaching 406,953 in 2020 from only 188,884 in 2015.

Your car is essentially your second home. It's where you store necessities and valuable items on your way to work, school, and home. Did you know that Americans collectively spend 70 billion hours in their vehicles yearly? And car break-ins, besides causing significant financial setbacks, and can trigger feelings of fear and vulnerability.

That is why the company has continued its quest of providing you with the security and peace of mind you deserve.

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The product offers a universal design that fits all vehicles and snaps onto your car seat like any headrest. It locks into place with a toggle bolt that deploys when inserted into the seat. Designed with an invisible seam, it looks like an ordinary headrest to fool intruders. Utilizing a proprietary SILS system—secure, invisible, lockable in-vehicle storage—you can confidently store your valuables.

Each safe is equipped with a 3-way locking system—a biometric reader that uses fingerprints, a 4 to 8-digit passcode, and a key. It is made with automotive grade coverings, 18-gauge steel safe walls, and a 16-gauge steel door and steel lock.

According to a spokesperson from The Headrest Safe Co., “It is our mission is to provide the most robust discreet vehicle safe storage system on the market. We provide peace of mind that your firearm or valuables are safe and secure while allowing rapid access when you need it most.”

Stop worrying and breathe easy knowing your stuff will stay safe in your car. Get a Headrest Safe today!

Visit their website or their Facebook page for more details.

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