Jumpstart Your Career with Dr. Sharon Livingston’s Private Coaching Method

Jun 10, 2019

Career counseling experts Future Proof Your Career have launched career coaching classes, personal life coaching, fast track seminars, and career assessment services.

Career counseling company Future Proof has launched career coaching and personal life coaching services. The company offers 12-week career coaching seminars and career assessment services to help people achieve their personal and professional goals.

More information can be found by visiting: https://future-proof-your-career.com

Personal coaching services are offers by bestselling author, coach, speaker and market researcher Dr. Sharon Livingston. She is the founder of ROAR!, a 7-step program that enables individuals struggling with change to transform both their personal and professional lives.

Future Proof’s Fast Track Seminars have helped thousands of people attain her professional coaching certification, which was designed to help participants become successful life coaches. During the comprehensive sessions, people will acquire both the confidence and skills they need to start seeing and helping clients.

Over the duration of the course, participants will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Sharon directly, and will learn how to transform their ‘personal ecosystem’ into a successful coaching practice.

For people who are looking to hire a career coach, Future Proof’s coaching method helps people jumpstart change and gain the skills and insight needed to push past professional hurdles and excel. The key components of Dr. Sharon’s coaching method are to take a complete personal inventory of her client’s personal state, including any assumptions and perceptions about their career and personal relationships.

Then, she will help her clients identify the mental roadblocks that are preventing them from living the life they desire. This is done by setting realistic expectations about the time it will take to achieve their goals, and by establishing a detailed action plan and implementing a personal feedback loop that continually analyzes and refines their actions and perceptions.

Dr. Sharon has received many accolades for their work, including this review reading, “Dr. Sharon is phenomenal in all aspects. Incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. She is most highly recommended.”

Interested parties can find more information and get in touch with Future Proof Your Career at the link above.

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