Join This Online Event And Discuss The Biggest HR Challenges You Are Facing

Oct 28, 2020

Qualigence International is a specialist HR recruiting and recruitment research firm dedicated to changing the industry. It has launched a new virtual live event for HRs and CHROs to discuss legal and leadership issues.

Are you a HR or CHRO? Have you had an unbelievable year so far? What are the biggest challenges you and your company are facing? Do you have questions that need answering in confidence? Would you like to join other HRs to discuss the industry? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this is the live online event on HR leadership and legal challenges you need to sign up for!

Qualigence International has launched a new live virtual event for you if you are a Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and you want to discuss the biggest challenges in HR, from leadership issues to legal situations. In case you are wondering, the company is a specialist recruiting and recruitment research firm dedicated to redefining the talent industry through its performance blueprint.

You can sign up for the event at

The newly launched live virtual event is scheduled to take place on Thursday 29th October at 10 am and you are invited to register via the link provided above. The event provides an opportunity for you and other HR professionals to have an open conversation about the current climate, share your expertise, and talk about the issue’s others may be too cautious to raise.

Hiring the right people is easy – as you may well know – explain the team at Qualigence International, but ensuring the talent stays with your company and continues to deliver real results is a challenge. The team say they take a different approach to recruitment, which is why their live events can be useful for you and other HRs to get different perspectives and ideas.

If you join the event, you can submit questions in advance if you require specific confidential advice, or you can ask them during the event and add to the discussion. The aim is to find you practical solutions to the biggest challenges you face as a HR or CHRO today.

From managing a global pandemic, to remote teams, and PR nightmares on social media, the team at Qualigence International say you have had a challenging year – and it is not over yet. Aside from hosting virtual events, the company offers a range of HR services from research, sourcing, and recruiting, to project outsourcing, recruitment marketing, and more.

The team work with clients in varying industries including financial services, IT, construction, healthcare, sales, and life sciences. In addition, many resources can be accessed via the website, including articles.

A company spokesperson said: “Qualigence International started out as something completely different to what everyone else was doing, and it has remained that way. Our mission is simple, we are focused on the three P’s: people, performance, profits. Our industry events bring HRs together to discuss the issues and topics that matter most to them, right now.”

You can sign up via the link provided! Alternatively, you can click here to find out about the company

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