Join This Marketing Event For Women To Fine-Tune Marketing & Sales Confidence

May 26, 2023

Gain practical strategies and tools to be a successful Christian woman entrepreneur! Join Katie Hornor and the Flamingo Advantage community from June 1 to 3, 2023 for their powerful online Christian training series.

Ladies, listen up! Now’s the time to live life confidently and boldly in God’s love! If you want to improve your ability to STEWARD your business, time, and resources, this online event is for you!

The Flamingo Advantage announces its online Christian marketing retreat that will run from June 1 to 3, 2023. The intensive three-day event is perfect for women entrepreneurs who want to strike a balance between their business goals and their family and faith commitments.

The upcoming Christian marketing event will be moderated by Katie Hornor, the CVO and Author of “Faith Like Flamingos: The Christian Business Guide to Walking Out Your Faith In Bold Color”. Since publishing her book in 2020, Katie has been on a mission to help other women entrepreneurs embrace their God-gifted uniqueness, or what she calls their Flamingo Advantage.

Register today for $97 at

The theme for the event is “Buoyant, Bold, & True,” which will be divided into several topics, namely “Your Buoyant Business” for Day One, “Your Bold Marketing” for Day Two, and “Your True Success” for Day Three. Each day, you will be taught how to balance your faith with the demands of running a business.

On the sidelines of the event, Katie will demystify the outdated belief that making money is “bad” or against God’s will. In fact, she explains that God wants you to live life as boldly and with as much confidence as a flamingo. She believes that people should “dress for a party every day” and is known for her bold flower hair clips that reflect her beauty, femininity, and uniqueness. She says that her hair clips are her personal tokens of God’s love and invites you to find your own personal gifts to share with the Lord.

During the event, you will learn how to leverage your uniqueness as a strategic marketing plan. By aligning your marketing strategy with faith and confidence, you will be able to provide an aligned client experience, which will help you attract like-minded clients who share the same values and beliefs. Not only does this strengthen your online visibility, but also fine-tunes branding for better customer conversion, Katie says.

By the end of the training, you will have a clearer direction, renewed and BOLDer confidence, and a better understanding of the key elements needed to achieve success in your business. You will learn how to bring all the pieces together to build a brand that is unsinkable and scalable!

Want more brightness and love? Join the Flamingo Advantage community for free. In this safe community, you will connect with Christian coaches, consultants, and service providers.

Katie says, "You were not created for ordinary, but to be buoyant, bold and true. We understand your struggles, and we want to help you stand out like a flamingo and achieve success in your business without sacrificing your Faith, your family, or your non-negotiables."

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