Join The Best Pro Athlete Program In Westlake Village CA To Improve Your Game

Jul 14, 2020

A leading physical therapist based in Westlake Village, CA has launched a new pro athlete training program. It is aimed at teaching adults, young people, and children how to move correctly to avoid injury and achieve long-term success.

Do you have an existing athletic injury? Do you want to join a pro athlete training program to help you avoid injury? Do you want to improve the fluidity of your movements and strength? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the new program for you!

Live Athletics Physical Therapy, a specialist company that works towards injury prevention in pro athletes, has launched a new program aimed at adults, young people, and children. In case you are wondering, the company specializes in athlete rehabilitation, fitness, performance, and injury prevention.

You can find out more at

The newly launched program aims to teach you correct movement mechanics to improve the longevity of your athletic career. It focuses on corrective exercise and sports performance for long-term success, regardless of your age and abilities. It is ideally suited to you if you want to increase your power or improve your athletic ability.

If you are interested in the course, you can expect to learn how to get unique pain relief in just one session, how to get back to your game of sport, work, and life quickly after an injury, and information to empower yourself and boost your health. You can find further information online at

In case you are wondering, current clients of the company include the MLB, NFL, and NBA. Dr Zach Ray of Live Athletics Physical Therapy is licensed in both California and Arizona. He is passionate about teaching you correct movements to reduce the likelihood of injury whatever your age.

If you take part in the program, you will have the option to meet Dr Zach to find out why he is uniquely qualified to coach you through the program and why he is recognized as one of the most highly rated physical therapists in the US.

Signing up to a program enables you to learn about the proven system that is implemented for success, whether you want to move more fluidly or build strength. You will learn about the online training platform and will receive a masterclass bonus gift and free workout sample.

A company representative said: “When working with anyone new, Dr Zach Ray firstly establishes what your goal is. He then asks if you have any pain points or pre-existing injuries before asking what you ultimately want to achieve. After this point, he discusses the arguably more important topic of why you want to achieve that specific goal, along with the impact that might have on your life.”

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