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Oct 13, 2021

You can increase your earning potential with this new partner program! If you want to help business owners access funds from the IRS they are entitled to while also earning a commission; you need to know about the newly launched Fundwise Agents partner program.

Are you ambitious? Do you want more from life? The new partner program, Fundwise Agents, is the ideal opportunity for you to use your skills to engage your clients and business leads. If you are ready to increase your earning potential, read on!

The newly launched Fundwise Agents program helps business owners access funds they are entitled to from the IRS but may not be aware of. The partner program is beneficial for several reasons; it can help you increase your earning potential while you help businesses to achieve sustainable growth.

You can find out more about the program at

Do you want to increase your skills? Aside from business growth and revenue opportunities, the newly launched Fundwise Agents partner program promotes continuous learning and provides you with regular training opportunities. The flexible program allows you to determine how long you work each month, as you can choose the number of leads you want.

When you join Fundwise Agents, you have everything you need for success, from a user-friendly central Client Relationship Management (CRM) database with client contact details to email templates for campaigns. In addition, there is a referral scheme in place to help you increase your earning potential.

Business owners with between 2 and 500 employees may not be aware of the funding they are entitled to per employee. According to the team behind Fundwise Agents, the Employee Retention Tax Credit is a little-known and underused support system that can help those affected negatively by the ongoing health crisis.

Fundwise Agents use software to access and gather the details of contacts that are likely to engage with the program. The system is automated to ensure your potential leads are instantly added to the CRM. The new partner program provides an opportunity for you to create your own business regardless of your experience. Three unique plans are available to choose from depending on the number of leads you want.

A company spokesperson said: “Fundwise Agents gives you monthly business leads potentially looking for business or start-up funding. You can access the robust Client Relationship Management program along with an email campaign created for you, so all you have to do is engage your clients.”

“You get to be part of the partner program for free and participate in live training from one of the founders of Fundwise Capital every week,” they added.

Go to if you want to join the program today!

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