Job Loss Victims Save Money On Monthly Utility Costs With Bill Savings Tool!

Jul 11, 2024

If you’ve recently lost your job and need to save money, Bill Saver is a financial efficiency program designed to help unemployed people get better rates on monthly utility bills.

Worried about your financial future and need to watch your spending? Bill Saver makes financial efficiency easy!

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Bill Saver, a savings platform and financial management tool from Recession Resister, has been designed to help job loss victims save money and reduce financial waste.

Lower Monthly Bills

At a time in history when job insecurity rates are climbing and many households may face layoffs, Bill Saver is part of Recession Resister’s ongoing commitment to helping you lower your monthly bills.

A recent report from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that rates of unemployment and layoffs are expected to increase throughout 2024, putting millions of families at risk. Recognizing that every penny counts in tough times of unemployment or job insecurity, Bill Saver’s cost-savings program means that you can reduce rates and reclaim monies owed.

Stop Overpaying

“Many people are overpaying for their regular day-to-day services and don’t even realize it,” explains a spokesperson. “With Bill Saver, our smart technology and team of negotiation experts ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.”

The company explains that the system is simple: you upload scans or photos of your monthly bills - in areas like gas, electric, water delivery, pest control, or waste management - and the Bill Saver team analyzes them for possible areas of rate reduction or reimbursement. Other common areas of savings include telecommunications, cable TV, satellite, internet, and mobile phone services.

You do not pay anything for the service unless savings are identified, at which point the total amount of money saved is divided 50/50 between the you and Bill Saver.

Save Time & Energy

The team of trained negotiators contacts service providers directly, saving you time and energy. If a better rate is identified with a competitor, the auto-switching component means that your accounts will be transferred at the end of a bill cycle with no further action required on your end.

Existing customers have positive reviews for the utilities savings service. “Bill Saver saved me a total of $1,068 on my internet and cell phone bills for two years,” says Henry V. “I couldn’t be happier!”

Start creating a more secure financial future today with help from Bill Saver!

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