Jet Vs Submersible Well Pumps: Columbia, SC Repair Experts Help You Decide

Aug 8, 2023

Jet, submersible, shallow, deep, convertible – which type of well pump should you go for? Columbia, SC expert Austin Drilling & Well Repair (803) 926-5402 helps you decide.

If you're on this page, you may have come across two main options: submersible well pumps and jet well pumps.

One of them - or either! - may be right for you.

✔ Submersible Well Pumps

Submersible well pumps are an updated take on traditional water pump solutions. They provide several distinct advantages:

• Space-efficient: These pumps come with a smaller tank, making them a prime choice for residential homes where space can be at a premium.

• High Pressure: Submersible well pumps can offer water pressure levels akin to those found in big cities, thus ensuring a strong, steady supply of water at all times.

However, as with any machine, submersible well pumps are not immune to issues. Malfunctioning can lead to low water pressure, poor water quality, and dissolved gasses contaminating the water. That’s where you'll likely need help from the pros - but generally submersible pumps are super reliable and low maintenance.

✔ Jet Well Pumps

Jet pumps offer their own set of benefits and come in three different varieties, each suited for specific situations:

• Shallow Well Jet Pumps: Ideal for wells with reliable, consistent water depth.

• Deep Well Jet Pumps: Designed to work efficiently with deeper wells.

• Convertible Jet Pumps: They provide flexibility to convert an existing pump to function as either a shallow or deep pump, allowing for adaptability to fluctuating water levels.

✔ Other Pump Solutions

In addition to submersible and jet well pumps, there are other options to consider:

• Centrifugal Pumps: Best suited for shallow wells, these pumps are a practical choice for basic water extraction needs.

• Hand Pumps: An excellent alternative for rural homes without consistent electricity, hand pumps provide a manual yet effective solution (not to mention you'll also get a free workout!).

• Solar-Powered Pumps: These eco-friendly pumps harness solar power and are a great fit for homes in sunnier areas.

✔ Key Takeaways

When it comes to choosing the right well pump for your home, understanding the unique benefits of each option is super important. Whether it's the high-pressure delivery of submersible well pumps or the versatility of jet pumps, there's a solution to fit every homeowner's needs. And remember, whenever you need assistance, the experts at Austin Drilling & Well Repair are ready to help.

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