Jazz Music Artist Trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Celebrates New Jazz CD Release With Performances In New Orleans, April 26-28, Vancouver May 11

Apr 25, 2018

Jazz trumpet master Gabriel Mark Hasselbach celebrates his new mainstream jazz CD MidCentury Modern, featuring Ernie Watts with release concerts April 26-28 New Orleans, May 11, Vancouver.

  • jazz music artist trumpeter gabriel mark hasselbach celebrates new jazz cd relea
  • jazz music artist trumpeter gabriel mark hasselbach celebrates new jazz cd relea
  • jazz music artist trumpeter gabriel mark hasselbach celebrates new jazz cd relea

Award-winning jazz hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach- versatile on trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone- releases his new mainstream jazz CD MidCentury Modern on April 26, 2018. He is best known for contemporary jazz projects, with twelve critically-acclaimed releases, seven Billboard hits, but also has two mainstream jazz CD projects that ranked on the JazzWeek charts. In celebration of this new release, Gabriel returns to New Orleans for three album release concerts April 26 and April 28, at the Mahogany Jazz Hall, and April 27 at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, then continues his tour in Vancouver for a May 11 CD release show at the famed Blue Frog Studios Concert Stage.

The opening track on Mr. Hasselbach’s new project features a remake of “Mississippi Jump,” originally recorded by legendary jazz trumpeter Blue Mitchell, and remixed for contemporary radio as a bonus track. The new CD, MidCentury Modern, features a cast of internationally-renowned jazz artists including saxophonists Ernie Watts and Cory Weeds, pianist Miles Black, and Canada’s answer to Gregory Porter, Mike Taylor. The recording is a solid trifecta for Gabriel, incorporating hard-swinging mainstream jazz sensibilities, succinct contemporary jazz clarity, and rollicking New Orleans jazz panache.

For more information visit http://gabrieljazz.com

While jazz trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach spends most of his time in Vancouver, he resides part time and works out of both New Orleans and Phoenix. He has performed at Montreux, North Sea, JVC, Chandler, and other festivals. He has performed in Japan and in Singapore (for the President!), and even in the home of Bill Gates. He has recorded and worked with artists such as Jeff Lorber, Chuck Loeb, Paul Brown, Brian Bromberg, Warren Hill, Bob Baldwin, Cal Harris, and Bob James to name a few.

With the exception of a few originals on Hasselbach’s new release, MidCentury Modern, most of the songs are associated with well-known and influential jazz trumpet artists whose sounds and vocabulary have played major roles in Hasselbach’s development in forging his own voice – including Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Blue Mitchell, Chet Baker and Lee Morgan among others. The resultant sound is a seamless melding of straight ahead, contemporary, and New Orleans styles, with not an ounce of filler.

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach commented on his approach: “I always strive for strong, lyrical and concise jazz content along with funky or swinging rhythms, and I select versatile, sidemen with identifiable voices that feel that way, too. New Orleans unleashed a previously untapped creative stream in my jazz perspective – which I incorporated on MidCentury Modern. This project is a nod to the magic and passion of the music, cars, architecture, movies of the mid-20th century.”

The release date for MidCentury Modern is April 26 at all outlets.

For interviews or bookings contact SpecialtyTalent@gmail.com. For more information about Gabriel Mark Hasselbach and his new album MidCentury Modern, visit http://gabrieljazz.com

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