Jacksonville FINRA Attorney Offers Contingency-Basis Services To Fraud Victims

Feb 20, 2024

Don’t let your stockbroker walk away without consequences after giving you bad investment advice. Get in touch with Soreide Law Group (+1-888-760-6552), a law firm that specializes in FINRA representation.

Soreide Law Group knows how hard it is to be a victim of securities fraud. But don’t despair, because the law firm can represent Jacksonville residents like you before FINRA.

With its help, you can sue your stockbroker for giving self-serving investment advice. Principal lawyer Atty. Lars Soreide says that FINRA arbitration often leads to fast-tracked resolution — a must if your finances have been upended by investment losses.

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Atty. Soreide stresses that aside from speed, FINRA arbitration is often less expensive since there are no juries or pre-trial procedures involved. Furthermore, the assigned arbitrators are all securities experts, so they can easily establish any breach of fiduciary duties on the part of your stockbroker, thus shortening the investigation period needed.

Soreide Law Group strives to get the maximum possible recompense if you received misleading investment guidance. Furthermore, it does not charge upfront costs and only invoices you when you are awarded a payout.

FINRA arbitration is especially effective at bringing erring stockbrokers to justice because any compensation awarded is usually not appealable. Since the three arbitrators are industry experts, they can handle even the most complicated securities fraud cases, including Ponzi schemes.

Over the years, Soreide Law Group has successfully represented countless investors, striving to protect their interests and secure favorable outcomes. Indeed, 9 out of 10 cases represented by the firm have resulted in monetary recovery for investors. This success rate is a testament to the practice’s dedication to achieving justice and compensation for those who have suffered financial losses due to securities fraud.

Its skilled attorneys combine their industry-specific knowledge, legal acumen, and dedication to justice to give you hands-on service and trusted advice at every step of arbitration. Whether the dispute involves issues of misrepresentation, fraud, or unsuitable investments, the practice is well-equipped to provide effective legal representation to you.

Attorney Soreide says: “Trust makes the world of investment go round. Once broken, it’s not only emotionally devastating but financially perilous as well. As such, our team offers representation before FINRA so your case can be resolved as quickly as possible with the maximum recovery allowed by law.”

You can breathe a little easier knowing that you have an experienced securities fraud lawyer at your side. Rebuilding your finances starts with contacting Soreide Law Group today!

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