J. Lyne Roberts and Sons Provides Three Residential Building Tips for Homeowners in Provo Utah

Mar 1, 2017

J. Lyne Roberts and Sons provided three tips to help homeowners cut through the clutter and get to the most important aspects of working with a general contractor during a home renovation project. These tips will help homeowners as they prepare for their project.

Construction of new homes and remodeling projects in Utah County is going strong. J. Lyne Roberts and Sons, a general contracting firm focused on commercial and residential construction, has provided three tips to help homeowners cut through the clutter and get to the most important aspects of working with a general contractor during a home renovation project. Homeowners following these suggestions will have a better experience with the construction process.

The first tip is to let the general contractor purchase the materials. Some homeowners believe that saving money comes from doing the groundwork in shopping for good prices. This isn’t the case. Residential contractors get discounts on materials that are not ordinarily available to consumers. Plus, when more hands are dipped into the pot, more things can go wrong such as ordering the incorrect materials, late arrival of materials, or poor quality products.

Second, hire a residential contractor that is trusted, evaluate other projects they have completed, and then trust them. Allow the contractor to do what he does best. There is no harm in giving feedback to ensure the project meets expectations. However, it’s often a good idea to determine how a project should be done or what types of materials should be used. Speak up if the contractor’s choices change the scope of the project. Otherwise, the contractor usually knows more about construction materials, processes, and codes than the owner.

Third, get the appropriate permits. Any legitimate residential renovation in Provo will need permits. Homeowners must have permits when undergoing construction, so expect to spend some time getting the necessary credentials to complete the renovation. Often the contractor can work with the building inspectors to get the permits. Make sure this is on the contractor’s checklist. Building inspectors can require that the project be removed or redone if it does not meet building standards and codes. The last thing an owner wants is to have all of the hard work, time, and materials ripped out of the home. Work with the contractor to make sure that proper permits are sought for any home construction or renovation project.

When asked about the reasons JLR provided these suggestions, Scott Roberts, Vice President of J. Lyne Roberts and Sons said, “These tips provide helpful information on important things to consider when starting a home remodeling or renovation project. We want our clients to have a good experience and have found that these tips help them understand how to get the best results.”

JLR General Contractors has a long history of creating comfortable and compatible residential living space. Whether new construction or remodeling, there are details aplenty to consider. JLR helps homeowners make sound decisions to achieve the best possible result. JLR works with high quality materials providers to provide quality building materials. The company has been in business for over 100 years and has build and remodeled many homes in the area.

Visit www.jlrcontractors.com for more information on this residential general contractor serving the Provo, Utah area. For residential construction estimates on new construction or remodeling projects, please contact:

Layne Roberts

J. Lyne Roberts and Sons Construction:

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