It’s time to spill the beans – or should we say gems? With The Embrace Pendant

Jul 9, 2021

The Embrace Pendant Spills the Beans – Or should we say gems? The ups and downs of the Embrace Pendant Launch. Learn more about The Embrace Pendant or order yours at

Months after the launch of the Original Embrace Pendant in November 2020, founder Amy Thomas is now letting you in on four previously unreleased bits of trivia. Fans of sparkly jewellery should find this interesting...

Here we go.

Airmail Hugs

The idea for creating The Embrace Pendant came about after not being able to travel or see family due to the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, that left Amy and her husband Karl unable to see his children in England. They found themselves in the same situation as so many others, unable to spend time with their families over the holidays. Amy created The Embrace Pendant in the fall of 2020, designing a necklace that looks like an embrace simply so she could mail a hug to everyone one her Christmas list.

It Takes Two

The development of The Embrace Pendant took approximately two months to create and had a team of two working on it, which is considered small by industry standards. This goes to show that incredible things can be achieved by just a couple of truly dedicated people.

Cash Flow Woes

The Necklaces almost didn't make it into 2021, when the business started to hit a cash flow hurdle in January. As the demand increased and the inventory ran low, the company hit a point in February where they were maxed out financially. The problem was overcome after nervously maxing out personal credit cards to pay for inventory, It was a scary time, but fortunately the business bounced back to a level of profitability that corrected the cash flow challenges. The entire business venture is still 100 percent personally financed and family owned and operated.

Spreading Cheer in a Challenging Year

The Embrace Pendant team has done something different compared to other businesses in the jewellery space, by maximizing the impact of if the hug design, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, many free necklaces were sent to essential workers in healthcare, paying forwards the symbol of connection, hope and love as much as possible. Spreading a little bit of cheer, in a very challenging year.

The Embrace Pendant was released with the goal of being recognized globally as a truly meaningful gift. A symbol of connection, hope and love. A wonderful way to send a hug in the mail to someone who really needs one.

With over 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience, founder Amy Thomas was certainly ready for the challenge of launching the Embrace Pendant. After helping several other businesses achieve their growth goals for many years, Amy decided it was time to focus on a venture of her own. The Original Embrace Pendant was founded and launched in November 2020.

Amy says: "We like to keep connected with our customers daily on social media via Facebook and Instagram. We also send out newsletters and special offers through our email signups. We believe that ensuring our customers know they are a valued part of our small business journey truly makes a difference."

The Embrace Pendant launched in November 2020. To find out more, or to order yours today visit

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