In a World of Distance, Embrace.

Jul 18, 2021

Founder Amy Thomas wanted to find a way to mail a hug to everyone she loved for Christmas, so she created The Embrace Pendant.

Her jewellery is selling faster than even Amazon can keep up and it’s keeping The Embrace Pendant founder Amy Thomas on her toes—and she loves it!

Her house has turned into an Amazon and Shopify fulfillment centre! Checking, packing, boxing, labelling and running to and from the post office has become a daily mission. Fulfilling orders, managing inventory, opening up an Etsy shop, posting on social media and still finding time to take her young daughter to the park, do the laundry and pay attention to her (very supportive) husband has been somewhat of a juggling act. It’s all hands on deck at the moment, but they love it!

Not being able to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions left Amy and her husband Karl unable to see his children in England. So Amy created the Embrace Pendant in late 2020—a hug that can be sent through the mail—and excited fans have been popping up all over the world.

The design looks like two people embracing and it’s a great conversation starter. Simple enough to be worn everyday, yet sparkly enough to dress up for the evening, the 18K gold-plated necklace with Swarovski crystals launched just before Christmas and sales exceeded 500 units sold in just four months. That’s saying something!

After a number of requests to launch some matching earrings to go with The Embrace Pendant, founder Amy Thomas dedicated herself to offering quality earrings that were comfortable enough for everyday wear, and sensitive ears. The Embrace Collection evolved from there, offering high quality, affordable jewellery. Adding a little extra sparkle, to your everyday shine.

The Embrace Pendant collection consists of a lovely variety of 18k gold plated Swarovski crystal necklaces, earrings, and moissanite diamond rings. Quality jewellery and exceptional value makes The Embrace Pendant jewellery collection the ideal choice for a gift for her. Get a head start on this years Christmas shopping and check them out today!

The Embrace Pendant Collection can by found online at

Or on amazon Canada

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