Invest in a Real Estate Cooperative Group Today: Pre-IPO Opportunity Announced

Jul 27, 2021

Consumer Cooperative Group is giving back YOUR power to invest in real estate equally, equitably and fairly. The group is announcing its pre-IPO investment opportunity.

Are you skeptical about all these real estate investments that sound too good to be true? We’re introducing a product that is safe, straight-forward, and made just for people like you.

Consumer Cooperative Group announced its pre-IPO real estate investment opportunities for the average retail investor. Unlike traditional investment groups, the cooperative is committed to bringing power back to the disadvantaged lower and middle-class investors before it becomes listed on the New York Stock Exchange American.

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The newly announced equity crowdfunding campaign has a goal of raising up to $5 million in capital in exchange for restricted equity stock. The cooperative expands on the new disadvantaged niche market of investors who want a level financial playing field, despite basic investment knowledge.

Tanen Andrews, Founder and CEO of the cooperative, explains that the group will be the first cooperative in history to attempt to have 75% or more non-accredited investors for its real estate investment start-up under the new Jobs Act legislation. As the name suggests, the key to its success is through the cooperative - pooling funds and sharing capital resources to generate passive income from real estate acquisitions.

As the pre-IPO investment opportunity continues, Consumer Cooperative Group is also preparing a Reg A+ Tier 2 filing, which will be classified as a mini-IPO once it has been qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This means that the group can raise up to $75 million in public capital direct from all types of investors for additional acquisitions of turnkey real estate assets, while directly listing (DPO) on the NYSE American simultaneously.

Emerging data suggest that the current health crisis has changed the way people want to invest. Analysts say that more, low to middle-income workers want a product that is stable with high-yielding profits. Still, there are few investment opportunities available that can offer both.

Consumer Cooperative Group answers this need in the market by offering straightforward, easy-to-understand real estate investments that give actual equity in the company in return. Further details can be seen at their Digital Roadshow to the NYSE American 

Take note that each investment will be exchanged for restricted equity stock (under their current crowdfunding campaign) and non-restricted equity stock (when Reg A+ get qualified) for turnkey multi-family real estate complexes within the United States.

Andrews writes, “We’re breaking the tradition of always giving away our financial power and not receiving anything in return. No more gimmicks, no more credit checks, or anyone dictating your financial worth to you.”

Instead of wasting money buying lottery tickets each month, use that money instead to secure your future.

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