Interior Designer In Davenport Offers Custom-Made Furniture for Functional Rooms

Feb 13, 2024

Want to do a home makeover but not sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation with an interior designer at La-Z-Boy (563-355-7801) in Davenport!

Is it time to change out your old sofa? Or are you in need of an extreme home makeover? Whatever your goals and style are, the interior designers at La-Z-Boy in Davenport will help you create a serene and calming environment where you can recharge your batteries.

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The La-Z-Boy-certified design experts will help you find the perfect balance between functionality and personal style, creating a comfortable home for your family and friends to relax in. As a furniture maker, La-Z-Boy also offers custom sofas, beds, tables, chairs and more to suit your unique needs.

Interior Design for Mental Health

Is there anything better than coming home after a long day's work? Coming home to a tidy home designed just for you! 

Recognizing the importance an organized home with personal interior decor has for mental wellbeing, La-Z-Boy wants to help more households in Davenport feel more at home. With their 3D design planner, it's easy to create and visualize a layout that suits your individual lifestyle and preference.

Beautiful Design + Recycled Materials = Eco-Chic

As a company dedicated to sustainable production, La-Z-Boy promotes the eco-chic trend, introducing the Conserve Sustainable Fabric that utilizes recycled plastic bottles. By opting for this eco-friendly fabric for sofas and armchairs, you can save up to 110 water bottles per piece of furniture from ending up in landfills. It's available in a range of colors from neutral sand beige to popping indigo, making it possible to make a conscious choice without compromising on your personal style.

Customize Furniture to Suit Your Style and Needs

Depending on the product, you have various options for customizing your furniture. In addition to the Conserve Sustainable Fabric, it's possible to add iClean stain protection for all fabrics, an especially suitable option if you have small children and want to keep your furniture in mint condition. La-Z-Boy also offers premium cushions, recliners, and extra tall base options for extra comfort. You can have your furniture custom-made with contrasting welt trims, nailhead trims, and leather, depending on what look you're going for.

Flexible Design Consultation for All Rooms

To get professional help with a home makeover, you can schedule a virtual, in-store, or at-home consultation to discuss your budget, vision, and available options with one of La-Z-Boy's interior designers.

La-Z-Boy has an extensive selection of furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms as well as home accessories. The designs range from classic and modern styles to unique standout products like a rootball dining table or a chest cocktail table from the Hidden Treasures collection.

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