Intensive Leadership Development Business Coaching In Destin, FL For Management

Jan 25, 2022

Floyd Jerkins Executive Coaching (618-218-1763) offers tailored one-on-one sessions for leaders in Destin, FL. We help you navigate through the employee management maze and become the leader that you are capable of being.

Intensive Leadership Development Business Coaching In Destin, FL For Management

What makes a great leader? Is it their patience? Their understanding? Their expertise? How about their ability to communicate?

There are so many factors that define true leadership but the core is always this: Leaders are effective managers. They know how to listen to their team members, pinpoint inefficiencies, and suggest appropriate strategies for change.

So how do you learn this? Easy. By going through executive training!

These services take into consideration the rapidly evolving workforce. As more businesses set up remote teams and work from home, you often do not have the chance to personally interact with your team members, which may affect productivity. At Floyd Jerkins, you are taught how to realistically manage expectations, facilitate growth in your teams, and improve employee productivity.

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The essence of executive coaching is changing antiquated leadership models and providing tailored classes to build effective leaders. You need to understand that the traditional “carrot-and-stick” model is no longer effective; true leaders facilitate, not dictate.

Emerging data confirms this. According to recent research, “psychological safety” is one of the main factors for employee retention and productivity. The term describes how “safe” an employee feels in voicing out their opinions to you and how valued they feel in their teams. The less safe they feel, the higher the risk of attrition.

Though there are several factors that contribute to psychological safety, leadership is an essential one to consider. Jerkins clarifies that more often than not, employee performance is dependent on how they feel towards management. That is why it is crucial for you to attend executive coaching so that you can further hone your skills.

Floyd has written about Leadership which can be found here:

At Floyd Jerkins Executive Coaching, you learn how to navigate the maze of employee management relations and become the leader that you are capable of being. Jerkins describes leadership as a skill that anyone can learn rather than as an inborn talent.

New clients are encouraged to schedule an initial discovery call with him through his website. This is to comply with the current health guidelines to practice social distancing. All coaching will also be conducted online until further notice.

Jerkins says, “Executive coaching is a customized one-to-one relationship. I help the executive navigate and understand the best way to increase performance and approach highly complex decisions they encounter in life or business.”

Interested parties wanting to know about the what cost businesses the most can read this piece by Floyd:

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