Installing a Misting System? Here’s the 8 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Apr 16, 2021

Anyone Looking to Enjoy Their Patio More by Installing a Misting System Can Stop by Cool-Off™ for a Rundown of the Top Mistakes Avoid so You Can Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space This Summer.

We updated our free tip sheet to help home owners cut through the clutter and get to the most important 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Patio Misting System that are essential for setting up a proper misting system. The full list of tips can be found on the company's website,

Some of the most effective tips include:

Loose Connections - By far the most common misting mistake is forgetting to tighten your joints. Because a misting system involves a fair number of nozzles, joints, and elbows, this can be a lot of individual pieces to tighten and it's incredibly easy to forget just one or two along the way.

Buying a Pump That's Too Small    •The size of your pump also matters a great deal. Misting relies on high-pressure water running through the piping which forces water out at some velocity through the tiny holes in the nozzles. This creates a fine wide-spread mist that will be a delight to you and your guests. But to do this, you need to create the proper amount of PSI.

Adding Too Many Extra Nozzles - Every patio is unique, which naturally leads to misting customers getting creative with how they set up their patio misting. Your roof might not provide ample coverage, an inward corner that borders the patio. You might have an awning, an arbor, or even a tent cabana set up ready to be misted. So it comes as no surprise that most misting customers wind up straying at least a bit from the model in the instructions. But the moment you start adding new nozzles or lengths of pipe, the entire math equation changes.

When asked about the reasons behind the tip sheet, David Shank, Vice President of Sales of Cool-Off™ said,

"These are the most common mistakes we see with new patio misting systems, so for the best results, it's always recommended to check this list before buying your new misting system."

The tip sheet is available for free and home owners are encouraged to share the tips with others who find the information useful. Any questions can be answered by going to the company website, and filling out the contact form there.

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