Indianapolis Managed IT & Cybersecurity: Protect Customers Against Cyberattacks

Feb 26, 2024

With the Midwest Small Business Digital Successive Initiative from Aptica (+1-260-243-5100), you stand the best chance of protecting your business against cyber threats – and audits are available now for free!

Do you know what your IT company is doing to protect your business? Do you understand the systems that are in place if the worst happens? Join the Midwest Small Business Digital Successive Initiative, funded by Aptica, to improve tech efficiency and security while boosting key business metrics!

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Fully managed IT solutions

The service begins with a full assessment of your existing tech stack, and IT experts will build customized plans to resolve any gaps that they identify - improving productivity, security, and overall system protection.

Cyberattacks aimed at small businesses are skyrocketing nationwide, Aptica says: according to data from Microsoft, the US was the target of 46% of all global cyberattacks in 2021. Small companies are attractive targets due to typically lower investments in cybersecurity controls, and breaches can lead to loss of sensitive customer data, financial theft, and even closure of operations.

Custom roadmaps for the best results

Through the Midwest Small Business Digital Success Initiative, Aptica's experts will conduct in-depth evaluations of your current IT systems and provide roadmaps to shore up vulnerabilities. Fully managed IT services will also be available to further bolster protection through ongoing monitoring, data backups, access controls, employee security training, and incident response.

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Proactive monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure also lead to greater efficiency, stability, and reliability of technology systems, the team explains, because issues can be prevented or handled outside office hours rather than interrupting productivity.

The initiative provides customized plans tailored to your unique environment and budget at no upfront cost. Recommendations outline which solutions should be prioritized first based on risk severity, along with flexible options to phase in improvements over time.

Backed by 2 decades of experience

With roots dating back to 2003, Aptica brings over 19 years of IT expertise helping companies modernize technology, migrate solutions to the cloud, implement data backup and disaster recovery, and more. Its experienced team of IT experts stays current on the threat landscape to best serve clients across the Midwest.

A spokesperson states: “Our mission is to strengthen local businesses and increase employment for Midwesterners by providing free tech audits, customized plans to improve tech issues, and education to always know what their IT company is doing.”

Don’t let cybersecurity issues hamper your business growth in 2024.

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