Increase Your Bench Press Strength & Build Your Upper-Body With Expert Guide

May 11, 2023

If strengthening your upper-body is something you’ve always wanted, but you’re not sure how or not seeing significant results with your current efforts – this guide from Fitness Fahrenheit may just be what you need.

Bench press, like any other workout routine, requires a targeted approach to see results. If you’re stuck and you want to bust through your plateau, keep reading.

An essential guide from Fitness Fahrenheit covers a wide range of topics, from pre-workout routines to proper workout techniques and recovery modalities, to help make your bench press more effective.

The guide features a proven 10-week pyramid workout scheme you can incorporate into your program to increase your strength levels.

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Focusing on warm-ups, recovery, maintaining good form, nutrition, and additional exercises, Fitness Fahrenheit highlights some of the often overlooked but important details necessary for bench press success.

In the guide, Fitness Fahrenheit points out that progressive overload, a concept that involves increasing the amount of weight you lift incrementally, is vital to improving your bench press strength. The guide recommends adding small weights, like those 2.5-pound weights, which can quickly compound and aid in strength gain.

The guide outlines additional techniques, which, when paired with progressive overload, can help fast-track results while also preventing acclimatization.

Mixing up your rep speed is an excellent technique for breaking through plateaus. The guide recommends including three to four sets of slow reps in your daily routine for two weeks as an effective strategy to shake up things.

Other practical tips covered in the guide include various techniques for forcing your body to go past the failure limit in a working set, such as the rest-pause method.

While these techniques above can help you to improve bench press strength, Fitness Fahrenheit stated that your nutrition is probably the most important aspect of the program you have to get right. As the guide explains, proper dieting supplies the body with all the vital ingredients you need for muscle growth and increased strength.

About Fitness Fahrenheit

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"Learning how to increase bench press strength is more complicated and involved than it may first appear," a spokesperson said. "However, with our guide, you can learn how to approach bench press purposefully to see positive outcomes in the shortest time possible."

It’s possible to increase the amount of weight you can bench - and this guide from Fitness Fahrenheit just outlined the steps to get there.

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