in 2021 nearly 50% of employees have thought about quitting their current job.

Sep 23, 2021

Company leadership needs to get extremely creative to keep their best employees from becoming a statistic. Nearly 1 in 2 employees admit they are considering quitting their job as the Great Resignation continues to unfold.

Drive through any town in any state in the U.S. and you’ll see them. The sign of the times now reads “Now Hiring” or “Help Wanted”. After a long, drawn-out shutdown, employees realized they prefer to work from home. Corporate leaders and business owners who believed teams would be happy to return to the office have been caught off guard and having to adapt on the fly to employees who prefer to work from anywhere.

In April 2021 when the pandemic seemed to be ending, a record 4 million Americans quit their jobs. The exodus continued in June with another 3.9 employees turning in their resignations. An additional 5.6 million employees separated from their job in one way or another, either moving to part-time, shifting to WFH employment opportunities, or changing careers altogether. As we watch the Great Resignation unfold, forward thinking leaders strategize about what can be done to turn the tide and keep our best employees from becoming a statistic. But.It gets worse. A recent study by The Predictive Index showed that a staggering 48% of employees have thought about quitting their job in the last 12 months .With almost 1 out of 2 employees considering a role change, it is paramount that leadership acknowledges this shift and becomes flexible in order retain top talent.

Retention begins with paying attention. What is striking to note is that 78% of employees feeling burnout felt their manager was experiencing it as well. How do we keep managers engaged and inspired, as they clearly have a direct impact on increasing a postive attitude across the workforce?

Before an employee resigns they go through a series of stages –

Disengagement, Re-Evaluation, and Exploration of other opportunities. What tools do your managers

need to increase employee satisfaction?. How do managers create bonds with team members who work remotely? Bondy World Wide, helps

companies keep their remote workers feeling connected through their curated employee gift boxes perfect for virtual holiday parties and snack boxes that are delivered to your teas doorstep regardless of where they power up their laptops. Choose your box, upload your teams “ship to address” and let handle the rest!

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Keeping them pumped up and productive is the difference between “Help Wanted” and

“Fully Staffed”

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